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  1. 1. Estrogen in bc opposes testosterone and reduces it's effectiveness. 2. As estrogen concentration rises, so does SHBG. Testosterone binds to SHBG. This reduces the free fraction of T that is available to exert it's action on sebaceous glands. So, bc acts on testosterone through 2 mechanisms. Where is your hair falling out? All over your scalp or only on your crown? jlcampi, Thank you so much for your response! Unfortunately I dont know what SHBG is. I dont really understand your post.
  2. Friend, You are a boy, and if I was a boy, I would go on Accutane in a heart beat. Go ahead and do it. It will last for 3 months, you will feel very dry and have a horrible first month, but then it will get SO much better, and you will be cured. I have known tons of guys who have had it and it's cured them. Yes, there is some scarring, but afterwards, because you are CLEAR, your face will heal, and you will be so happy. Do it. Don't live miserable anymore. If I was a guy, I would do it in a he
  3. >>The product I take contains regular vitamins like zinc, a, b, c, selenium and silica along with natural herbs like saw palmetto, nettle, green tea and wild yam. The one I take is specifically for women but they make them for men as well.<< Please tell me what the product you take is! Yaz cleared my acne up COMPLETELY but I cannot be on it because it makes my hair fall out. I am trying to get rid of my acne some other way. Please tell me your secrets! :) -Bellz
  4. This is a really great thread to read. Yaz also made my hair fall out in ropes. I had to go off it, fearing that the hair-loss would just get worse and worse. I was thinking about switching to Ortho-Cyclen because of Green Gables post about good and bad birth control. I also was on Apri for a while which made my acne much worse. Perhaps Ortho-Cylen is the answer.
  5. Do you think this would work for women, ie: hormonal acne? What did your acne look like? Was it on your chin and jawline, or up on your forehead? It sounds like you found your cure and that's fantastic. I'm just trying to figure if it would be good for women/hormonal acne as well. Thank you! -Bellz
  6. Bizz, I am having a similar problem I have been on Yaz off and on for many years. Apparently, Yaz is very similar to Spiro (aldactone), because it is also an anti-androgen -- the equivalent to a low dose of aldactone. What dose are you on? Yaz, however, makes my hair fall out in DROVES. Hundreds upon hundreds of hairs a day. It's horrific. But unfortunately, without it, my face breaks out terribly. I literally have to choose between a clear face, and hair. I am searching for answers. I was
  7. Friends, I have a very interesting, somewhat complex problem. I will explain as quickly and efficiently as possible. I have been taking Yaz on and off for many years. I take it because it COMPLETELY clears up my acne, (which is moderate/severe). Literally, when I am on Yaz, my face is pristine. HOWEVER, When I am on Yaz, my hair falls out. And it is not in my imagination. We're talking about epic hair loss. 500-1000 hair a day. Just comes out in clumps in my hands. I have to stop a