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  1. Shaving, as well as waxing, is known to cause ingrown hairs. You should try and see if an electric razor will shave close enough for you.
  2. They are probably just impacted hairs or cysts. Go to your derm and he'll take care of it.
  3. Hmmm. You've been on the regimen for six weeks so you would have seen signs before now if that was the problem. I assume you been using the SA for just as long? If that's the case, then what else have you done different in your life? New detergent? Stressful time? If you're active, have you changed your activities in the past week? Taking any new medicines? Just try and think if there was anything different about the past week or so. I'm thinking it's just a fluke and you'll be back to normal in
  4. I got one on the inside of my nose once. It was very small, but it hurt like a bitch lol.
  5. I think it could be a lot of things, but I think he should definately get it checked out.
  6. Yeah I've tried that, I love aloe . But it hasn't really helped, besides getting rid of the itch. I think I'll ask the family derm next time I'm there and see what he suggests. I heard that it will go away with time, but I love my jeans .
  7. Scribbles, if you really have hundreds then it's actually probable that it is a rash. You should go to a dermatologist and have them check it out.
  8. There's a skin condition called Hidradenitus Suppurativa that can cause large pimples on the inner thighs. You can google it, but the simple fact is that there really isn't anything that can be done about it. No one really knows what causes it, but there are some theories that it's due to a chemical imbalance. If it's only on your inner thighs then I think you should just give it some time and chances are that it will go away or diminish at least. And if you do google it, don't let forums or sto
  9. Yeah both me and my little bro have them. He never had acne like I did so we assume that they're just large pores that run in the family. Your skin looks great btw.
  10. Once the pimple has actually come to a head, the bp really can't do anything for it and you pretty much have no choice but to let it run its course. The BP will help to keep the pimples from starting though. You can try and exfoliate, but I would only use it maybe twice a week to start out. Just to make sure your skin doesn't have a reaction to it. Using an exfoliate will not give you scars, it's the pimples themselves that do that. I'm not really sure what a "clogged pore" is either.
  11. I take it you'll be there all day then. I would just go in the bathroom between games and give your face a good rinse with water. If you wanted, I suppose you could bring your cleanser with you as well, but I think that just the water will be fine till you get home.
  12. I have in the past. When I did, I used neutrogena. Made my skin feel so clean and soft , I didn't like doing it "manually" because I noticed that it would make my skin feel raw and look irritated too. I don't know how all of this would affect you with being on accutane though. Might not be a great idea?
  13. I think you should leave it alone. If she notices that you're getting clearer and wants to herself, she'll ask you about it. That's just what I think.
  14. hey buddy, im gonna need a bit more information from you on your regime. Is the neutragena body scrub simply an exfoliating cleanser or is it something your spray/rub on your body? Are you talking about applying BP gel to your body, or just using a BP type cleanser? I believe the scrub he's talking about is just an SA Body Wash.
  15. I have a couple of scars like that on my lower back, and honestly I have no idea of anything that will clear them up. But I do have a tan that makes them not so noticable. Don't worry about people seeing them because they are just scars. Go out, have fun, and just don't worry about it because no one else will. The worst is now over by the looks and you deserve a little fun in the sun .