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    Configuring a plan to maintain my skin clear. Maybe even making some friends to talk to. I can't talk to my friends around me about my acne, I just shut down when anybody acknowledges it. Anyways, inbox me or whatever if you what to know anything else,
  1. Wow if my face was cleared my whole world would be different. I would have some grain of confidence to start. I would go out, be social, not feeling like everyone's talking about my acne. I had this stupid girlfriend, played me like a fiddle, told myself it was because of my acne. Since then I cant even picture myself with anybody. Laser, I want to laser my face off! I Just looked in to the mirror and saw what I have caused, red, bleeding, scarred, and oily skin. I just want cry.... or laser my
  2. I've been better. I just went on a massacre of pimples a while ago. I tried to resist, I really did, but they were all over my cheeks and chin, just starring at me. So I went in and popped all that had a white point. I know I shouldn't have and tomorrow I'm going to be kicking myself in the A$$ on how I shouldn't have done that and what not. The only thing I find helping with this depression from acne is smoking some weed. I forget for a while how ugly I am
  3. 101 - I'm 22 yrs old. I've been on dans regime for about 3 months give or take a week. At the beginning of year I tried doing those done at home chemical peels. In hope that it would help get all the junk out of my face. But i ended up burning my skin . But yeah I had to stop using the Bp when I was doing the peel. Other then that I've been trying to stick to the regime. I dnt take vitamins or supplements. I do drink occasionally. I saw a derm once. Last year when I had insurance. But my acne
  4. I never said it didn't work. It pushes the nasty stuff to the sureface an then it just resides there or heals into a black spot or another pimple.Okay look my acne is persistant. It will being to clear and then BAM INFLAME AGAIN. I believe it's the moistureiser.
  5. Yeah, I think your right. I've been on it for almost 3 months and I'm still breaking out. Only white heads though. Mostly on my cheeks and chin/jawline. It's like the BP draws it out but then it just sit there. If i don't pick it it just stays there!!! Should a add a scrubber or something??
  6. I use a full fingers length and I use it twice a day. Actually I' have been eating a lot of fast food lately. No milk, the last time I had cereal I Swear the milk gave me cramps and I couldn't sleep all nite. I mite be lactose intolaret. But that's a whole different issue. I dont take any vitamins. Never knew which ones would speicfically help my skin. I remember consulting my doctor(when I had one) about which ones I should take since I'm not a healthy eating. She said I should just keep trying
  7. I don't really use that much lotion because my face is extremely oily. What kind of moisture or cleanser would you reccomend? Should I use more BP or cut back? .....btw I picked... I just couldn't take it anymore and unleashed hell!! So now my face is severely sore. I regret it now
  8. Thanx for the advice. it means a lot to me especially cause I never talk about. Like everybody can see it why put more attention to it. @Megtree I already hide myself when I do my eyebrows. When I pluck I use a handkerchief to cover my cheeks(like a bandit) lol. Ok, What can I do to prevent scarring from the pimples I have already popped? I have extremely oily skin.
  9. Hello there, So I broke the number one rule this morning. I jumped in the shower and As I was cleansing my face I could feel little white heads all over my cheeks, chin and along my jawline. I made it through the shower but when I was spreading Dan's BP...I hit my breaking point. I popped one then two... Before I knew it I had popped at least 30 white heads. I already have a grip of ice pick scars, brown spots and on my nose I have red vines on the sides of my nostrils. Ugh I'm a mess I can'
  10. Ok. I've been on the regimen for about 3 months now. I'm been using neutrogena's ultra gentle foaming face wash, Dan's BP and aveeno lotion. I had insurance last year and was using a tropical gel called clindamycin but my dad lost his job and I lost my insurance so anyways My face isn't clearing up!!!!!! I have a grip of white heads on my cheeks and chin :,( to make it worst I'm a picker but I'm trying to kill that habit, kind of hard though when you have 30 white heads on each cheek and yo