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  1. Hey guys, I've finally managed to get my acne under control but what I've been left with is red marks that refuse to go away.my acne was always moderate so it's not heavily scarred but my chin is covered in red blobs as well as a few other areas on the face. It kind of resembles what it looks like when you have a spot coming up and just red...except they're marks and not actual spots. Does anything work to get rid of this? Preferably something that doesn't involve a really harsh treatment tha
  2. I had the exact same problem for two months and honestly you aren't going to find a home remedy that will help this or even an over the counter cream. I was prescribed tetracycline for six months and only then did it finally disappear gradually...they're a pain in the neck but I hope it goes well for you!
  3. So I've recently gotten this strange red looking rash on my nose and a bit on my upper lip and chin. It's red with lots of little bumps and it stings to touch.. I've been using aha and benzoyl peroxide and this rash came up about a week after I stopped using it . there's nothing new that I put on my face that could be causing it, either. Its also strange in that it's dry but also very only . if I use blotting paper the oil comes off in little dots, from the bumps. It's doing my head in now and I
  4. I've attached two pictures of a mark I've been left with after having a cyst for about two years. The skin on and around it is just terrible, quite rough feeling and I'm not sure if that's large pores or scarring. It's not as red irl as it is in the pictures, but it's still very bothersome. Any suggestions of the best way to get rid of it? P.S I live in the UK, don't have a derm have been using AHA for the past few months with no difference
  5. I'm currently on both a tetracycline and the regimen - I've been doing so for two months now (I started the regimen a month and a half before the antibiotics, though) I don't think it'll interject in any way, and it should help clear up your face, especially if it's only mild (It has done an excellent job of clearing my face and I've got it mild) I have noticed, though, that the tetracycline hasn't helped any body acne, and I'm only doing the face regimen If you do start taking them, you m
  6. Country: UK Suggestions: I think the current shipment system is great, I've ordered a few times and I've received the order within the estimated time frame. I think it could probably be faster, though, maybe if the orders are dispatched sooner? I'm not sure how you receive orders, and whether you receive international requests separately, but maybe a quicker dispatch would aid with the time it takes to be delivered. Also, the price we have to pay in tax or handling fees for the products is exto
  7. Hey guys, I've been using acne.org moisturiser for the past two months that I've been on the regimen and it has been pretty brilliant. I'm running low on it at the moment and as I'm from the UK - I'm wondering whether there's an alternative that's non pore-clogging and moisturises well. I have tried Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion but it broke me out, unfortunately..at least, I think it did, because after a month of being practically clear, I broke out in a rash-like cluster after using it
  8. As soon as you feel a new spot coming about, you can spot treat during any time of the day, really. Just apply a bit of BP directly on the spot, wait for it to dry and then apply the AHA on it, too. You can also use it to spot treat after you've done your morning or night regimen, just by applying it on the problem areas once the BP has dried.
  9. Oh, I can totally relate. Just when I allow myself to relish in the fact that I've been inflamed bump free for a week or two, I'm rewarded with a huge one - usually in an awkward/painful place, like between my eyes/eyebrows or under my nose or the middle of my chin. And then you just get this terrible feeling that whenever you're talking to someone, they're looking there. And that you almost have to make excuses for it - "I'm PMSing!" (which is usually actually true, but it just seems like a pat
  10. I think it's in the Nivea Essentials range - "oil free moisturising day cream". But I'm from the UK, so they might have something under a different name if you're somewhere else.
  11. Ugh, the exact same thing is happening to me at the moment. I've just been using BP and AHA, and I've found that whilst that isn't really decreasing it in size, it probably stopped it from getting bigger, plus it really helps with the redness. Or maybe the dry skin is just concealing it hahaha....
  12. Yeah, I guess I'll just stick to the regimen and hope for the best
  13. Unfortunately with moisturisers, it's pretty difficult to find one that doesn't leave a shine or look obvious on your face. I'd putting a small amount on first, let it dry/absorb/whatever, and then do the same a few more times. This can help it to not stay on your skin, which tends to create the shiny look. However, I know Nivea do a pretty good oil free day cream which is quite matte. Are you using jojoba oil? Using it before you sleep can really help with flakes and dry skin, so much