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  1. Best and only lotion I use

    This is one of only about three lotions I have ever used on my face that don't make it sting (aside from Vaseline) and doesn't make me break out. I have used Moisturel exclusively for several years because it is significantly cheaper than the other two that work for me. It is not particularly greasy, and soaks right in. The only downside is that it is only available online. I buy it in two-packs from Amazon because that always ends up the cheapest. With shipping, I think each 14-oz bottle is abo
  2. All moisturizers sting my face to some extent, though the Regimen one was far less than most. The only thing that has NEVER stung at all is SebaMed Moisturizing Face Cream. It is available at Costco every once in awhile on a promotional thing, but last time I bought it was online at Walgreens.com, and it was about the same price.