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  1. Wow, looking back... what a journey it was. Hey everyone. It's been three years and I thought this is worth an update, because my accutane treatment was very text-book like, with dramatic improvements. A success story, if you will. This is what my face looks like after 3 years of stopping the treatment. I now get the occasional pimples, which do get worse without any treatment. That's why I follow a light treatment: I was my face with a gel called Ivatherm and I use a cream called Duac
  2. Hey Kim , I went in wanting a high dose , because i weigh a lot (well 80kg , dno if thats a lot) and 10mg seemed an awful lot less than what people get prescribed on this forum, so I was a little dissapointed when she only prescribed that. The 10mg caused a huge initial breakout , i have no idea what would've happened if i was on a higher dose . The highest i went was 30mg a day.
  3. bump so people can get some motivation!!
  4. I broke out like crazy the first couple of months...you can easily check my evolution in this post I'm acne free now by the way . long live accutane
  5. I think you should stop the treatment and see if the headaches go away , and if they do , stop thinking about accutane altogether . And i frankly wish that's the case and it isnt some other brain affection , because that would be devastating i imagine. get well
  6. You were on way too high of a dosage to be honest. i was on max 30 mg and had very mild side effects , but the effect was the same ( i got rid of acne). Your derm shouldnt have put you on accutane in the first place tho , unless it was a really bad case of back acne.
  7. I've only been on 30mg 1 month , then 1 or 2 months ( i dont remember) on 20mg , then 1 month on 10mg every day , and now i got 2 months of 10mg every 2 days.
  8. Awhhhhh shiiiiieeeeet boys. I'm really sorry for not updating this since april or so , but that's when i really started improving and i stopped having much interest in this. I am basically acne free right now , this is my seventh month of roaccutane i think , i'm still taking it for 2 more months , 10 mg every 2 days and it's looking goood as you can see. I encourage anyone who wants to get rid of their acne , this has been a great product.Despite the initial breakout , which was HORRIBLE , yo
  9. Back with an update... Breakouts are smaller and smaller , but stil breaking out. That's kind of it I guess , as for side effects , some rashes have started appearing on my arms and hands , but I don't know if it's from roaccutane or something else. Here's the photo , although lighting is reaaallly in my favor.
  10. Herro herro , time for an update. Basically 20 mg didnt do enough , so I upped to 30 about a week ago , still no side effects maybe a really really mild back pain in the morning , but that's it. On the other hand , I'm making all kinds of gainz in the gym so I got that going for me , which is nice. I encourage you to comment and share something with me , maybe ask something , whatever you feel like doing. Heeere's the picture . bye bye
  11. Oopdate. Added some topicals for day and night. In the morning i use benzoil peroxyde 4% , thin layer all over my face , followed by Uriage Yseac Restructuring Cream ( or something like that). I use the Uriage thingy because the BP dries my face a lot and I tend to flake. Again , im using the restructuring cream in a thin layer aswell ,because when I tried a thick layer it was all shiny and oily and stuff. In the evening I use skinoren CREAM , emphasizing that because there is also a GEL .
  12. Hey guys. Sorry for the 2 weeks that I haven't updated my progress, but I couldn't manage to take screenshots of my face , so I thought it would be pointless updating without you actually being able to see it. I went to my derm again , and she upped my dose to 20mg, which I think is doing some work , but i'll let you decide. There's nothing else worth mentioning ,so i'll just attach the picture . My lips are really cracked in it somehow , they aren't like that usually.
  13. Herro herro , its'a me. It is time for ze update, this being day 41.Still no side effects , maybe the fact that im getting colds easier now , but don't know if that's related. On another hand , my face is just a complete mess. It is soooo damn red , so red , redy red , that it's very red , because of the spots that my mom ( lel) keeps popping every day. There's no way I can let them heal on their own , since 3-4 appear daily and it takes about 2 weeks for the small ones to fade, and mo
  14. I'm on 10mg. Basically you get an initial breakout either if your acne is severe , or your acne has been getting worse lately. I got one , it was pretty bad , didn't get out of the house. No side effects though , so that's good i guess. I'm....day 40 I think. Acne still pretty bad ,no improvements in term of the amount of pimples per day, but its worse in the sense that I have lots of red marks from previous weeks. You can check my post or log or whatever , I got pictures there with my progress