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  1. Gram negative folliculitis, damn antibiotics....please keep us updated with your treatment and progress.
  2. I'm Jealous...I can't help it, your skin is going to be amazing! Keep posting, you're hilarious
  3. Hope you're doing well Kim!!! Happy New Year
  4. So, I didn't think I could actually become more miserable than I was on the 31st, but I am officially undone. Not to be all melodramatic and all, but I'm bummed. I went to the derm on the 4th (fought a nor-easter to get there mind you) and my derm told me that the blood work he ordered came back with some abnormalities. My WBC (white blood cell count) was too low for him to prescribe Accutane (he could have told me this over the phone, uggghhhhhh). He asked if this was identified by anyone b
  5. Well, I lied. Accutane did not begin yesterday because my doctor is kind of stupid, really stupid. I called to ask if everything was in place for my appointment at 4:10, and the nurse, you know what, forget it. Have a wonderful New Year everyone, will update later!
  6. Kim28 and Megtree, so happy to have some more people to go through this experience with. I cannot lie, I am a little nervous!!!!
  7. You have awesome posts!!! I can't wait to read and hopefully see your improvements!
  8. Thank you so much for responding. Good luck as well and I hope this works for both of us!
  9. Are you ready for another log.. well, wait no more I am 35, a woman, mother, hard worker, and prior to 2013, a totally confident individual. I have always had some acne, but never to the extreme that its at now. And let's not even talk about the post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. I have seen 4 dermatologists, a nurse practitioner, an esthetician, a holistic healer, an endocrinologist, an ob/gyn, and my family practitioner (my apologies if I forgot anyone). I have been told its