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  1. You don't need to go out of your way to meet people!. When i start a new job, colleagues would invite me to parties , dinner, or just for a drink. From knowing them you meet a whole network of people. Everyone has a younger brother, sister , neice and they have their friends etc.
  2. When i was younger i wouldn't go out with a guy i didn't find good looking, it didn't matter if he was rich. My mum gave me a hard time for not giving them a chance. She would say it doesn't matter if they are not good looking, as long as he is loaded. My dad was great he would tell her, " Leave her alone it's her life !". When i turned 25 yrs, everything changed. There was a new guy at work, i didn't think he was good looking ( average looking)and he got on my nerves with his jokes. One da
  3. Last year i watched a prog about a chinese lady living in China who wanted to lighten her skin and ended up with big brown patches on her face after using some creams. I know this can happen anywhere in the world because there are so many people care only about making money. I understand people want to try new things and are intrigue by exotic and mysterious claims, but sometimes you can end up worse than before !. I have scars now not from acne, but from a swiss product that a sales girl cl
  4. I'm chinese, i will be too scared to try any scar removal procedures in China, unless you know someone with first hand experience. Sorry to say but there are a lot of scams, not just in the cosmetic industry but food etc,.
  5. Drewboy didn't you have a dermabrasion with Dr Yarborough?
  6. I love my mother for her independence and she is naturally funny. Although she can't really speak english, she lives life to the full. She always travelling around the world with her friends. But growing up as a teenager i use to argue with her everyday and sometimes hits me too. She is the only person that trigger such anger from within me, otherwise i am quiet calm and patient person. No matter how bad the situation became i still loved her and her other qualities overshadow her imperfections.
  7. At 7 yrs old i had a very bad allergic reaction after touching a crab,my face was so swollen i could hardly open my eyes and had the fattest lips, with lumpy red spots all over my body, i had to go straight to emergency. From then on i got rashes easily. Like the first time i use my mum's oil of ulay, i realized i could n't used perfumed products and instead used hypoallergenic stuff. At times it got so bad i would still get rashes although i avoided all the things i was allergic to. When i tu
  8. Hi Newpride, I am also from hong kong, a year and a half ago i had an accident with a product which caused me to have scarring. I've seen many derms but i don't know any reilable Dr which deals with fraxel. It would be a great help if you can give his name and number so that i can have a consult with him. I really would like to try fraxel but i'm afraid he will refuse because i have very sensitive skin. You have given me hope, maybe i can improve my scars. I am so happy you had succ
  9. Wow Violet, you really have tried a lot of things. I hope you have continue success through your scar treatments. It was a La Prairie serum that contains glycolic and salicylic acid, that you can wear all day or night that caused my dents. I think your skin is tougher than mine, judging by the treatments you was able to do. I am one of those people that react badly to certain foods, my throat will swell up and i have trouble breathing. I should have been more careful and stuck to my normal bra
  10. I have very sensitive skin, about a year and half ago - I used a product recommended by a sales girl which caused me to have indents that look just like acne scars. Ever since i've been on Acne.org researching about scar treatments. I've seen approx 6 dermatologist about lasers, all refused me due to my sensitive skin. A few suggested i try Isolagen, but some of the scars that bother me the most are wide without defined edges. They told me the problem is Isolagen usually works well in scars wit
  11. I think is stress related. When i was younger i used to be very shy. When friends and strangers stare at me, i used to get very red and my body feels like it is burning inside. It got so bad that i started getting rashes on my face, hands and neck during stressful situations, especially during drama lessons. A classmate told me " I think you are allergic to the drama teacher! " I was so happy when i turned 14 and didn't need to do drama anymore! The good news is as i got older and became more
  12. If it was organised properly, i don't see why not ?. But like i said after reading posts like Pocket Aces i can see it is difficult to do in practice.
  13. I did think pff idea was great, i believe she suggested the idea because she has a good heart. But after reading other peoples views i've realised it is hard to achieve in pratice. Also i can afford to pay for my own treatments, thank you very much!
  14. Something similar happened to me. I have very sensitive skin, suffer from allergies and no history of acne. A year ago i used a serum that was recommended to me by a sales girl who said it was o.k. for sensitive skin. After using it , made my skin very red and caused indents. I knew i burnt myself, the next day while washing my face a flake of peeling skin fell off and bleed slightly,like when you get a scratch ( near my nose area). Two days later the skin near my nose felt very tight and painfu
  15. I think is a great idea ! The candidate can choose the treatment of their choice eg: dermabrasion, fraxel etc. Maybe the person can take progress pics of just the skin ( if they want to stay anonymous ). Also everyone in Acne. Org can benefit from learning what type of treatments can help which type of scarring etc.