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  1. if u apply retino-a everyday, would it makes your skin age faster? i'm still trying to find out the answer
  2. Dr. Wekberg? i'm not sure if he is the same doctor i found on the web before? his office is at bayview right? if thats the same doctor does he offer fraxel 2?
  3. this post was the reason that made me try TCA cross. and i'm glad i did. too bad i didn't take any before pictures 4 years ago. but after 4 years of tca cross(which i'm still doing it) i think i made the right decision. I had mostly icepick scars a few shadow scars and enlarged pores, similar to reilly but little bit better than reilly's. so far is hard to tell you the a fixed % of improvement but i would say some scars are 90%++, the range would be 60-90 atlease. i wish i had taken a pictu
  4. have you try TCA cross? if not i think you should give it a shot.
  5. same here, my face looks best when i wake up. hehe sometimes i even wish it stay that way...but unfortunately it doesnt.
  6. how about you find a way to pay the bill yourself?
  7. you put a few drops of TCA complex(not too much)on a kitchen paper towel and wipe it on your face. bascially thats the instruction you will recieve when u purchase TCA complex from julie. is that simple. The TCA complex is very mild and it wont frost. very safe, and ofcouse it may take many repeats to see some results. I ordered a TCA latte last month and i got a TCA complex and apeel and some other sample for free.
  8. try some mild peels or retin-a to start with. Depending on what kind of scars you have. Since I dont have experience with all the scar method out there, it is up to you to research them and try it out yourself. but if i have to recommand one, I would recommand TCA cross/peel because i got some improvnments from it. and is cheap. I wouldnt suggest you to start with lasers and other expensive treatments. Do some research before putting your legs in.
  9. if youre looking something to apply on the wound, you could try applying some wound healing cream, i think u can get them in the drug store. i think eatting healthy and sleep early to allow yout skin to rest makes a different. fruits and vegetables and fish. vitamin C, E etc..
  10. Hard to tell, because the lighting is different. first picture is more natural and the second picture, the light is so bright that it is unclear to judge. i think 40% improvement.
  11. I perform them at home. It's really simple to do, and i don't think you want to pay extra$$$ per treatment when you can easily learn how to perform it yourself. I didn't buy my tca stuff at makeupartistchoice.com but that site has been selling tca stuff for a long time, and some members in this forum had bought tca peel from them. So i think is alright.