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  1. Ive been to doctors, one said rosacea but on ONE side of the face and with no triggers? seemingly it gets bad when the pores clog up with dry skin but no moisturizer helped, no cleaners have helped.. The only thing that makes it go away... is hydrocortizone. Thankfully 0.5% only on a flare up makes it go away, albiet temporarily I've never, ever had to use it on the left side of my face, only right and my face turns red and bumpy and is a little bit itchy. The last derm wanted to cut a hole
  2. I have used 0.5% for about 5 years.. usually twice a week. Has never caused an issue, longest ive ever lasted off of it was 1 month
  3. I admit i'm lucky as I only have a few scars from my decade or so of battling mild to moderate acne. I do have one really ugly scar under my eye.. It basically looks like a giant pore or two pores, most likely an icepick scar? Anyways I am assuming peels and such would be illogical because it's pretty isolated. How would I fill this up or replace it with some new skin? what would be the price? I live in Canada but obviously it's not covered. Thanks
  4. I have mild acne.. one or two zits, usually small at any given time.. For some reason, maybe because i scratch my nose.. The whole tip turned red and very painful. Its not a zit per say just red raised skin. Its been a couple days and its only gotten worse. Im gonna go to the doc but any idea what this could be??
  5. Google it, it prevents scarring.. but thats with an actual lemon im not sure about the juice.
  6. I dont have a lemon, all i got is lemon juice from concentrate.. doesnt look like it has additives tho. Can i put this on a pimple to help w/ scaring? thx
  7. Ive had pizza twice this week after avoiding it for so long and it has had no effect on my skin.. oh I drank beer with it to
  8. Wow its bullshit because it doesnt work for YOU? give me a break.
  9. Id just like to add ive used this regimen for 4-5 days in the sink once or twice per day depending on time and my face has never looked better.. ive gotten no new zits aside from one minor cyst which dissapeared within 2 days and my face feels softer and looks more even toned. I had/have mild acne with red marks/blackheads and a reoccuring rash on my right cheek. so far so good. ive been using warm water not to hot also
  10. Ive grown to like the smell but im still not sure if it works . ive used 1 1/2 bottles.. really hard to gauge if its the TTO or just TIME
  11. sometimes I go 2-3 days without washing my face and it usually looks better. but if I go longer then that my pores get to clogged and you can see my skin flaking off it looks gross. just do it in moderation. I find washing to much, scratching and irritating your skin is a lot worse then not washing at all
  12. Step one is to be careful who you listen to on these boards. Make sure your taking quality protein like an isolate as previously mentioned and only mix it with water not milk and you should be fine. Poor quality protein clogs up your digestive system.
  13. So basically yer telling us you don't know anything about digestion and absorbption. enlighten us with your internet PH.D
  14. Ive been here a year and never commented on anyone pictures, but your gorgeous! :wub: :wub: :wub: that is all :D
  15. As I said above and Nec agrees. Lemme just ask you this: When's the last time you ate 4+ oranges in 2 minutes? First off where did you determine its 4 oranges? thats not a flame its a serious question. and secondly just because you haven't eaten 4 oranges before doesn't mean its bad for you.. your not proving anything by saying that.