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  1. Does this picture help? I do have a couple active spots right now!
  2. Hi guys, These are the pictures of my post acne scarring - different lighting pictures. The one in the sunlight is the worst one of all. Do you think it's worth investing in surgery/fraxel to smooth the skin? Just trying to get opinions of y'all
  3. Right, thanks for the information guys! Really appreciate it - it's just my scarring is so severe, I guess just topical treatments won't work.
  4. Hi guys, I'm not going to bore everyone with a super long story - but recently I decided enough was enough and to piece my life together. Get rid of my current terrible friends, find a new bunch, start dating, lose a few pounds of weight (I'm 5 feet 3, 138 suffering from hypothyroidism) and just be happy. I'm doing extremely well professionally so that's something to be grateful for! I got my acne under control for the past 2 months and now barely break out - maybe one pimple in a month
  5. Hi guys, I've been following the regimen for 8 weeks - my results are less than satisfactory. I try and use makeup but nothing, nothing covers these scars. I'm very confused. What kind of scars are these? Are they likely to "go away" with time? Thanks.