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  1. Today marks 15 days of being on Accutane. So far so good. Really no side effects other than a bit of dry skin. Does anybody know if everyone experiences really bad initial breakouts and when they commonly occur? I thought mine should have started by now and I'm starting to get anxious for its arrival. My skins about the same from a week ago and I still wake up to a few new white heads everyday with a few gone and about the equal amount of zits any input or advice would be great.
  2. Well here's my one week update. So far so good! Haven't noticed any side effects yet, not even dry skin or lips. Skin looks about the same with maybe a bit of improvement. Picked up some Cetaphil moisturizer today (works and feels great) and some CeraVe gentle face wash. Hope everyone else s treatment is going well. I'm still anticipating my initial breakout to be on its way soon and I'm praying it wont be too bad.
  3. JakeSt

    After 1 Week of Accutane

  4. Today marks the first day of starting Accutane. I'm a little dreadful for the journey that lays ahead of me. I'm back to my second semester of college once January starts and my best bet is I'll get my initial breakout right when I start again. Although my acne isn't cystic, it has been very persistent the last several months and I've been battling it most of my teen years. As of the last few months minocycline has become useless and adapalene only helped some pimples go away quicker but didn't