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  1. you need a prescription for retin-a but you can by a retinol over the counter which is a lot less stronger version of retin-a I use the RoC brand
  2. I switched to cetaphil moistourizer instead of dans and it completely got rid of my dry skin I recommend it!
  3. http://www.newbeauty.com/blog/dailybeauty/6453-is-mixing-skin-care-products-dangerous/ go to this website! In the article they say don't mix retinol with bp or AHA but then if you scroll down to the comments there are a bunch of people who completely disagree stating there are no facts or evidence to back up you shouldn't be using them together.. a Medical Aesthetician and Nurse with acne also agrees and said she used them together and they helped clear her acne so I think it's safe to say
  4. After doing a lot of research on retinol I decided to try it out and I bought Roc deep wrinkle night cream I've been using it for almost a week while I've been waiting for my regimen to come in the mail. I was wondering would it be okay to continue using this cream each night along with the regimen or should I only use one?