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  1. So you're a noob, eh? Rullan is likely to be your best bet, but before you embark on the treatment bandwagon, which will likely cost you a arm and a leg, consider going the DIY route and see how your scars improve. I personally have been through a lot and most are not very good. I have belatedly found a goldmine in the power of TCA. Not the usual 35% crap. Anyway, TCA fixes not only icepicks and boxcars. It also flattens out rolling scars! Lasers, Infini, and even subcision haven't yielded anyth
  2. It really depends on the healing factor of an individual. I've seen some people escape unscathed from severe cystic acne and others with scars from mild acne. I would suggest you keep the wound moist at all times in order to minimize the scabs from forming.
  3. I stepped up and did a TCA paint over the weekend. So far, I'm pretty impressed. I'm still red and the swelling is still present but what I notice to my excitement is that I see pink fresh skin popping up through the red spots. It still remains to be seen, but I like the way it's turning out. Below are the details on the TCA cocktail I've used and the pre- and aftercare. The procedure is rather simple TCA cross: ___% TCA (watered down) applied to the pits using a toothpick. TCA pee
  4. If I'm not mistaken, wasn't he like THE poster child for laser?
  5. You have little bit of everything.The problem is that they are pretty deep. I suggest you forget everything and start with SUBCISION + FILLER. Your goal should be to fill those pits as much as possible, hopefully over 50%. Once you've achieved 50% improvement, then upgrade to INFINI + SCULPTRA.
  6. Very expensive and very unpredictable, considering that not all harvested fat will survive. Yeah, sounds like a oxymoron considering that your own fat is considered "permanent". Anyway, start out with temporary fillers to see how it turns out. If you like it, you can then upgrade to permanent fillers, including your own fat.
  7. First, it appears that what you need is not a skin booster, but a mood booster. If you're that obsessed about your skin, which looks hell of a lot better than most of us here, you should 0) Look on the bright side of life, knowing that scars are nothing compared to terminal illness like cancer 1) Uninstall Instagram and all other social media apps from your phone and computer 2) Quit looking at yourself in the mirror 3) Do not hang out with friends who can't lend moral support, eg. bitches
  8. If the scars bother you that much, whether mild or severe, then get them fixed. As my old lady used to say, don't just sit around fretting and bitching...DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
  9. 1) It's quite obvious that you have tethered scars. The best course of action is subcision. You could ask for NOKOR on the cheeks and CANNULA on the temples. 2) PRP, in my estimation, is way overblown and not very effective when it comes to collagen stimulation. If it were me, I go for the cheaper alternative: Saline. 3) RF microneedling will come in handy later, but I would not mix and match with subcision. Moreover, RF is only good for mild to medium scars. It's better that you elevate th
  10. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4560536/ METHODS 20 female patients, aged 45-50 years, with phototypes II-VI, none of whom had experienced menopause, were treated with 20mg oral isotretinoin, 3 days a week, for 12 weeks. They underwent clinical analysis and skin biopsies in the pre-auricular region, while histologic cuts enabled assessment of the solar elastosis level and morphologic analysis.Go to: RESULTS Clinically, patients, as well as the researc
  11. Why do you need an antibiotic for? Is the skin infected or are you sick? Never take antibiotics on a whim. Think of the consequence you might have to face in the future when you run out of ammunition because you've become resistant to all antibiotics. With regards to the craters, you're jumping the gun. You should wait at least 4 weeks before thinking about treatments. In the meantime, apply Propolis, which has been shown to help build type I and III collagen. Propolis Modifies Collagen Typ
  12. Your scars look pretty shallow in the pre-op picture. I'm not sure if subcision was even necessary since it's not very effective for shallow scars. Anyway, even after 8 days, you're not completely out of the woods just yet. Microswelling and bruising will still be present. So give it another 3 weeks. Be that as it may, it's far too early to decide what you will be doing in the coming months. You might not need to do anything should you heal nicely. But I would wait 6 months, not so much because
  13. Basically, NOKOR is used to re-enter the same scar at different depth. Not everyone can do subcision. You'll want to go with someone who has a long history under one's belt. If you can afford to travel, I suggest you visit Dr Rullan in San Diego. Give his office a call or an email explaining your situation and the reply you got on RealSelf. I'm sure he'll lead you in the right direction.
  14. Did you get the sculptra injected on the same day you got the subcision? Just for reference, sculptra should be injected at least 4 weeks before subcision. It takes about 4 weeks for the PLL acid to kick in and start stimulating collagen production. Moreover, it takes approximately 6 months to see its full effect. So, in essence, if you were to get another subcision in 4 weeks, you will likely just screaw up the collagen renewal. Hence, as @BA suggested above, go with the flow and don't rush it.
  15. How scar revision should be approached is similar to road construction. You fill the potholes first and than repave the surface afterward, not the other way around. But with laser, you're essentially resurfacing the skin without first filling the pits. Not a good idea. I would definitely cancel the remaining treatments (for now). As already mentioned above, laser will come handy later. But concentrate on elevating the pits first. As @beautifulambition mentioned, there are reputable docto
  16. The forehead and the temples are the hardest to treat. Your chance of improvement is very low. This is mainly due to low volume of collagen/fat. The more you have, like in the cheek, the better the outcome. So do keep that in mind and don't become too discouraged if you get less than expected. With all due respect to your derm, but the use of laser is a poor choice for the forehead and the temple region. I would suggest getting these treatments in the following order: 1) Botox 2) Subc
  17. Sirius Lee


    This is not aimed at anyone in particular, but those with low self-esteem usually will manifest other BDD symptoms regardless of acne scars. They will always see themselves as inferior creatures, always casting doubt about themselves, always comparing themselves to others, and most likely will blame others for their problems. It's a vicious cycle that never ends. Please get a grip on yourself and know that you may not be able to save the world but you can save yourself.
  18. I'm not at all surprised by this finding. Inflammation is part of our immune response and any prolonged inflammation is a good indication of poor immunity, namely your health is really messed up. As such, I'm a big proponent of balanced gut health. A healthy gut equals healthy body and mind.
  19. Sirius Lee


    Listen, girl. I know we live in an age of instant gratification, but as @beautifulambition correctly stated, OUR BODY DOES NOT NOT NOT HEAL IN A WEEK!!! (I'm not screaming, just emphasizing.) Give it at least 3 months of healing time and you will most likely see overall improvement.
  20. I prefer the Korean brand over Chinese. They're little more expensive, but sturdier in design. Search for "korean cupping therapy sets" on Amazon.
  21. You might not need 3 injections of Sculptra when you pair it with Infini. Only if you go solo with Sculptra. Also it's up to the doctor's discretion whether you need all 3 or less. Some do, some don't, depending on the severity of fat loss. @GallantNight I suggest 1 session of Sculptra 4 weeks prior to getting the Infini. The combination of the two works really well.
  22. Sirius Lee


    It's usually the worst for virgin skin, namely the first exposure to energy devices, whether laser or RF. Subsequent treatments should be much easier to tolerate. You're going to Croatia in 2 weeks? Hmm, that sounds too rushed. Anyway, make sure to wear a big brim hat and apply sunblock frequently. Avoid swimming if possible. Warm water (1 liter) + white vinegar (1 Tablespoon) Dampen a cotton ball and apply to affected area. You don't want to soak the wound, just lightly dab it. Let it dr
  23. Sirius Lee


    There shouldn't be any issue down the road. To expedite healing, I suggest you apply Castor Oil to the affected area.
  24. I think most of us have been there at one time or another. Either way, it's a real bummer when you see only a meager improvements, if even that. Anyway, from what I can tell, here's what went wrong from the beginning. Your scars are too shallow for subcision. Subcision should be done only on deep scars, which are for the most part tethered. Subcision will cut the scar anchored to the bottom, thereby lifting up the depressed pit. On the other hand, mild to medium scars are better off with Infini
  25. As already mentioned above, if you apply Comfrey faithfully every night, the redness should be gone under 2 months. Just apply it before bed and leave it on overnight. Please let's not pretend hyperpigmentation is a scar. Pits are the real scars, redness is not. Redness will go away if you wait around long enough, pits are here to stay...for ever.