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  1. FYI Infini and Genius are the same thing. Genius is the second generation of Infini from Lutronic. As I've previously mentioned, it's far easier to put them on ignore list. There no need to feed the trolls. BTW I'm not a moderator and I have no intention to limit anyone's freedom of speech.
  2. Trolls will always trolls. Once you feed them, they always want to bite off your hand. Just put them on ignore and move on.
  3. You seem to have missed the point. Botox works on reducing the wrinkles, not eliminating scars. From all the evidence shown so far, laser hasn't been too effective in this region. Also considering that there's only 0.5 mm of skin on the forehead, how much collagen do you realistically think our body can make to fill the scar pit? On the contrary, we know for certain that Botox is very effective in reducing wrinkles on the forehead. It will also lessen any tensions made by the muscles.
  4. Yes, that's what I mean. Fractional CO2 with the setting at low density and high power. But I believe TCA will be better than laser.
  5. It wouldn't look so bad without those wrinkles. Get some botox and you should be feeling much better.
  6. After 3 to 4 treatments, you should see a good outcome. Each treatment should be done every 3 months. You point the laser at an angle on the scar border. No, erbium is too weak, especially if it's fractional.
  7. Don't mean to sound coy, but since a picture is always better than words, I suggest you find out for yourself. That's the only way to understand how your skin/scar reacts to treatments. For scar edges, not much. It can be useful for creating volume though. Good luck going forward.
  8. Oh my god, some people here would kill to have your skin. Just what are you complaining about? LOL Alright, you do show some very shallow boxcars with distinct borders. You can try applying 50% TCA cross to those scars or high powered low density laser angled to the scar borders. This will smooth the edges and, consequently, make your scars less visible.
  9. As already pointed out, excision is one possibility. Probably the fastest solution if you're impatient. An alternative, albeit a much slower recovery, will be 100% TCA. I know this works because I too slices my nose bridge not too long ago, about 16 months ago. The gash was about as bad as yours. I've started applying TCA since and it's now looking very good. The scar is there but not very noticeable.
  10. Man, those pics are way too close. Can't really tell how deep your scars are. Anyway, due to lack of volume, scars on the temples and the forehead are the hardest to correct. Lasers and subcision haven't shown much success in this area. Although not recommended because of possible blindness, you can get facial fillers if there are just a few scars. If they're numerous, something like 70% TCA can help by minimizing the scar edge or outline.
  11. Your scars appear mostly boxcar and rolling scars. Just because you have rolling scars, it doesn't always mean they're tethered--especially if they're shallow. And yours don't look at all severe. But either way, it's completely up to you. It wouldn't hurt to get one and see how much improvement you can get, but I personally don't think you will see that much. If I were you, I would be more concerned about fixing those scar edges than cutting the probable tethers. As I've always said, it's t
  12. Looks pretty damn good for 1 treatment. Even the pores have shrank, giving a more firmer complexion. Hyperpigmentation will go away in time. If you want to speed it up, you can apply Hydroquinone to the affected area. BTW you should ideally space out your treatments 3 months apart. That means, you should wait 3 months from the day you got your previous TCA. For comparison, I made a before/after:
  13. Is the Accutane not working? You should note some people experience purging that makes their acne worse in the beginning. It can also take up to 4-5 months to clear up acne. However, I don't understand what you mean by "dry the acne". That's what Accutane is for. If you're experiencing flare-ups, I suggest you apply hydrocortisone cream to bring the inflammation down. At any rate, you have to treat cystic acne BEFORE getting RF or laser. Otherwise, you'll end up with more scars.
  14. If you have fine wrinkles, then microneedling is fine. Otherwise, you're just wasting your money and time.
  15. On the same day. Sculptra injection first. Then RF.
  16. RF won't help with hyperpigmentation, but it will have some effect on collagen remodeling. But, as stated above, RF alone is not that helpful.
  17. How will the filler be used? As spacer (prevent re-tethering) or volumizer (normally as filler)? It won't work if you use it as spacer because it will be injected superficially. Here's what I recommend. Get subcision first. Wait 2 weeks until the swelling is gone. Then get Sculptra + RF Microneedling. Sculptra should be injected first (deep in the dermis, as it should be). Once injected, get RF.
  18. I had 3 sessions of Infini over the period of 18 months. Although I did see some improvement, it wasn't anything to write home about. I would recommend Infini only when it's combined with dermal fillers, especially Sculptra. According to many studies, the energy from RF stimulates the Sculptra particles to further enhance collagen synthesis/deposition. The results from Sculptra-injected tissues without RF treatment (E) and RF treated immediately after injection (F). Areas of in
  19. Well, in that case, the best thing for you to do is to get the treatments and find out for yourself if what we say is in fact fear mongering (aka bullsh*t) or not. Needless to say, a lot of people here have already gone down the rabbit hole you mention. If you don't like what we have to offer, just make the plunge and find out for yourself. Just don't forget to update us in 6 months time.
  20. It depends on how aggressive the treatment is. If it's "non-ablative" laser, then probably less than 2 weeks. If "ablative, likely 6 weeks.
  21. Yes, send me the pics my way. BTW that picture was taken only 18 day post-op. Way too short. You should ideally wait at least 3 months (6 months is the most ideal). Since she never updated us after that, I guess we can only speculate.
  22. It's hard to say without first seeing your scars. But if they're "mild", phenol peel is not a good fit. Phenols are for more severe scars.
  23. Sculptra should be reserved for those with widespread rolling scars. It shouldn't be used for boxcars or icepicks (eg. those with prominent scar edges). Also it's more effective when Sculptra is combined with an energy device than Sculptra alone.
  24. Yes, get filler, but not as a spacer but volumizer. First, get the subcision. Then wait 2 weeks or until the swelling is completely gone. Then get Sculptra with either RF Microneedling or Fractional CO2. Studies have shown when you couple Sculptra with energy devices, it enhances collagen remodeling.
  25. Sometimes, scars are hard to classify. Shallow but wide boxcars can look like rolling scars. Wide icepick scars can be confused for boxcars, and some icepicks and enlarged pores are largely indistinguishable. What's important to note, however, is whether there is a distinct scar border. The shadows cast by the scar border is ultimately what will make your scars stand. You mostly have, for the lack of better word, rolling boxcars, eg. boxcars with less distinct edges. But the edges are