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  1. Well, as I've said countless times in the past, scar correction is all about minimizing the SHADOWS. It's the shadow that accentuates the scar. And what causes these shadows? It's the scar border. The pit/indentation/crater does not create shadows. Don't get so tied up about filling the hole. The reason why you are able to see the hole in the first place isn't because there is a crater but because of the outline cast by the shadow. Get rid of the shadow and that crater will not be so visibl
  2. I've realized it's far more effective if you apply the TCA first, then needle immediately afterwards. Then Re-apply TCA and needle again. All in all, this should be repeated about 3 to 4 times over each scar. You can speed up the process by holding a dermapen in your left hand and a cotton swab dipped in TCA in the right hand. Rotate one after another as if you were soldering. You mean TCA in high concentration like 100%? No, I wouldn't recommend it.
  3. Well, I don't have a definitive answer yet (since I've only been experimenting for a short time) but I think there's some benefit in the long run. The regimen that I'm using is 1.0mm - 1.5mm and 15% (up to 20%) TCA applied EVERY 10 DAYS.
  4. Laser 1: ERYag, full beam (Erbium:YAG fully ablative), 4.8 Joule (energy), 12Hz (frequency), 0.2mm (depth). Laser 2: Nd:YAG with 13.8 Joule (energy) 9x9 (treatment area), 5 Hz (frequency), 1064 (light spectrum), 5 passes (went over 5 times over the same treatment area), Quadruple Stacked (stacking refers to overlapping laser pulses). If you want more info, take a look at the following article and you should have a pretty decent understanding of the settings: ht
  5. I don't recommend RF. It might be good for wrinkles and skin tightening. But it's nearly useless for scars. As already mentioned above, it's more a hype than anything. I don't think the science behind it is there yet. Anyway, you need to approach the scar treatment differently. Scar, in my view, is made visible due to the SHADOW created by the scar border--it's not the crater. If you can get rid of the edges, thereby minimizing the shadow, the less visible your scars will be. The best way
  6. We've all been there at one point or another. Even if you try, it's difficult to not take notice of these scars. Just the thought that you have these scars constantly gnaw at your psychological bearing. Don't be too hard on yourself. They might be disfiguring (for now) but it's not too late to fix them. The important thing is to keep your head above the water and have positive outlook in life. Another critical thing to keep in mind is to have a roadmap. Knowing where you wan
  7. What's so funny? There are many published studies that corroborated that TCA 90% and above widened scars. I can't remember them all, and my time is better spent doing more productive things than digging around for articles that you probably have no interest in reading anyway. I realized how futile that was when I uploaded a few articles in the past at somebody's request.
  8. I suggest you adjust the needle depth and TCA strength as needed. But here's a rough guideline. Just remember not to be too aggressive. Forehead / temples: 0.25 - 0.50 mm Cheeks: 0.5 - 1.0 mm TCA: 10% - 15% Needle gently first, then apply TCA. They should be done back to back, in one sitting. Repeat once a week.
  9. Fellas, I've already replied to that very same question above.
  10. Check out Groupon for coupons. You'll find some great discounts.
  11. Sorry, I don't exactly recall where I read it. Here's one source where it briefly talks about scar widening as one of the common complications of TCA Cross: "Concerning the complications, persistent erythema was observed in 6 patients (42.85%). Of these, 4 patients (28.4%) were treated with phenol. Hyperpigmentation occurred in 4 patients (28.57%), 2 patients were using phenolic acid and the other two were using 90% TCA. Two individuals (14.3%) developed hypochromia, and the scars became wi
  12. There are a lot of chemical peels on the market and it's important know what peel was used. You should have been told, if not in writing, what the treatment involved. It's also worth noting that the forehead has the least amount of skin on the face. Whereas the cheek has about 2.5 mm thickness, the forehead has about roughly 0.5 mm. That's not a whole lot of volume to work with. That is why treatments like Laser or RF microneedling is not effective in this region. I would not get any more R
  13. It's been reported that only TCA 90% and higher will widen scars. So you have two choices. Either go with Phenol or stick to TCA 80%. However, you should know that scar widening is not such a bad thing. First, it doesn't just widen the scar. It makes it shallower as well. Also if you repeat TCA 100% (at least 3 treatments), you will gradually see the blunt scar edge soften in appearance and the widened scar won't be as noticeable as before. IMPORTANT: Subcision will induce swell
  14. I personally am not convinced that these "popping sounds" come from the scar tissues. People getting dermal fillers often report that they hear popping sounds as well. Hence, it's likely from the friction. The two following quotes are from the internet. As you can clearly see, there's something other than scars at play.
  15. Although not impossible, forehead and temple scars are very difficult to treat. What chemical peels were used, and at what concentration? From my own experience, TCA is the most effective solution. It won't elevate the scar (there's not much skin to elevate in the first place), but it will fade out the hard edge and make the scar less noticeable. You also have pretty deep wrinkles, which only magnify the scars. You will need Botox to address this. Moreover, facial filler will replenis