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  1. Syringe is pretty difficult to control when you are doing TCA on yourself. You don't need a whole lot of pressure to make an unintentional splash across your face. Be very careful. This is probably the reason why Lim (in the above video) is no longer using a syringe.
  2. Unfortunately, I can't give you the names of any doctor. All I can say is find one that has a good track record when it comes to TCA or laser. Subcision, including Taylor liberator, is only good for breaking the scar bands (aka tethering). It has no effect on minimizing scar edges. The problem with your scars is more to do with scar edges than tethering. You'll want to go with "ablative" laser. Ask a lot of questions, including whether the doctor uses the "default" laser set
  3. The key to achieving any success is to get rid of the prominent scar borders as much as possible. Just blurring those edges alone will give you a big improvement. For this, I personally favor TCA over laser, but it's your call.
  4. @313178_1443948907 I suggest you get a few more subcisions before getting any fillers. For fillers, I highly recommend you go with a collagen stimulating filler like Sculptra, which can last over 2 years, rather than a temporary volumizer like Juvederm. Bellafill is not a bad idea to consider IMO, should Sculptra work out for you. They're both collagen stimulators, although Sculptra isn't labeled as a "permanent" filler.
  5. Without first getting rid of the scar edges, HA filler wouldn't help. Like I stated in my previous post, I think you will benefit more by getting a combination of Sculptra and CO2 laser (low-density). Be sure to get Sculptra first, then laser 2 weeks later. Good luck!
  6. Unlike the Reddit girl, who only had about 5 rolling scars (without any visible scar borders), OP has more numerous scars and additional issues with the scar edges. When you have "smooth" rolling scars like hers, you only need to inject fillers and it will look perfect. Moreover, Reddit girl had nearly flawless skin surrounding the scars, which helps immensely in the aftermath. OP displays uneven texture and the depth of her scars are also uneven, thereby making it more challenging. I would
  7. I would first start with subcision and see how much actual tethering there is. Not all rolling scars are tethered and just because there are signs of atrophy, it does not mean they will be filled with subcision. Wait 2 weeks or until the swelling subsides and get Sculptra. Be sure to present the same picture showing the areas of volume loss (undulation). Wait another 2 weeks and get a low-density CO2 laser. Sculptra and laser has been shown to have synergistic effect on skin volumizati
  8. Wow, I have to admit those are the ugliest scars I've seen ever!
  9. Well, if this was the 80s, then I would completely understand your helplessness. Back then, there were no treatments other than rough dermabrasion. We've come a long way since and there are many treatments available now. You need to do is keep your head up and think straight. Think like a survivalist in the wild. Come up with a plan. Know what you must do in order to survive. People who lose hope and remain pessimistic are the ones who always perish first. Just as the survivalist surv
  10. I don't know where you got this information, but you should always dilute ACV with water, and never cover it up with anything.
  11. Doctors usually have two price scales. One for domestic patients and one for international patients.
  12. Even if she's as good as she seems, going to Iran for treatment will be out of question (politically speaking) for many people.
  13. If this is your first time, the redness will last longer since your skin is not used to it. Apply diluted apple cider vinegar twice a day (50% vinegar : 50% water).