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  1. Did you talk with a derm? Puvasol is documented as effective for hypopigmentation, so ask about it. Otherwise, you might need a laser treatment like Pico.
  2. You need to post better photos. Too blurry.
  3. Not to be rude to the doctor's comment, but collagen can only do so much. When you have fat atrophy, which is what atrophic scars are, no amount of treatment can effectively fill the missing fat. That's when you need to rely on fillers.
  4. No laser needed IMO. Your scars are so mild, you could practically get by with fillers alone.
  5. You need subcision and TCA. Multiple sessions for multiple years. Focus on blurring the scar edges rather than filling the pits outright. Once the edges are smoothed out sufficiently, use dermal fillers to elevate the pit. It is possible to do TCA at home if money is an issue. You will need to find derm or plastic for subcision though. Lastly, stay away from those doctors that recommend laser. You can achiever nearly the same from TCA. Good luck.
  6. I must have missed something. So you got your phenol only recently? I mistakenly thought you had your treatments back in 2017. Have you received ANY treatments within the last 6 months? Anything you see under 6 months is unreliable IMO. Still, looks very good so far.
  7. Other than the pigmentation, that's a big improvement. Your boxcars are pretty much nonexistent. Now they appear as shallow rolling scars. I guess the investment paid off quite well. Good job. I believe this should be the roadmap to follow for those who are on a similar journey. You'll want to blunt the edges as much as possible and then get a filler for the center.
  8. It's likely from the anesthetic. It'll come back eventually.
  9. As posted earlier, I didn't mean to denigrate your choice of treatment. Everyone has the right to pursue whatever treatment they want and it's not for me to judge. But I have an issue with some of these unscrupulous doctors who charge ridiculous fees for overhyped procedures that underperform. From past experience, the doctor would have known the expected outcome would yield only 20% improvement and yet he charges a premium. To me, that's unethical.
  10. You paid $6000 for 1 session of Phenol that gave you only 20% improvement? Don't you think it"s overrated? I could probably get just as much improvement from TCA for less than $10.Not criticizing but, honestly, I am little upset. If you were spending that much money, the doctor should have GUARANTEED AT LEAST 50%. Otherwise it's a scam.
  11. In the past, I used to believe scar remodeling was like repaving a road. The rationale is that before you apply asphalt (skin texture) you need to fill any potholes in the ground (scar pits). Now I believe softening the edges is much more effective as a treatment. After all, it's these edges that accentuate the scar (light reflection), not the depth. So, basically, the key is not to fill the holes but to camouflage the scars as much as possible. That said, I've found that the best method i
  12. It's hard to say since everyone heals differently. As for me, my skin is raw for the first 2 days and then incrementally darken over the next 3 days before showing any crust. However, not all scars will scab, especially tiny icepick scars.
  13. Your picture is too blurry to comment. What treatment(s) have you received already? Just getting a filler done by a qualified injector will significantly improve these scars IMO. But I really need to see a better photo
  14. Unless your scar is overly fibrotic to begin with, there's no need for subcision. In fact, if you read what many wrote about their experience, you will find that they weren't happy with subcision, whether it's Nokor or cannula. The best method of scar revision is not to plump up the depressed scar but to soften the edges as much as possible. This is akin to blurring a photo giving it a softer tone. Simply by diminishing the edges it will make your scars look less defined.
  15. The pic is too blurry to tell if they're enlarged pores or icepicks. However, your skin looks pretty inflamed. Have you received any treatment recently? If yes, let your skin rest for up to 3 months. Re your question, 25% TCA is too low for scar improvement. Even 35% that's mainly used for TCA peel does nothing for scars. Microneedling is also not a very good treatment modality. It might be useful for wrinkles but not for scars. Additionally, it tends to ruin the skin texture due to micro-t