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  1. if zoomed in other than the redness there seem to be tiny pin point yellow stuff..wat is that?
  2. i feel its SD...cause u do have those slightly white regions above your eyebrow...
  3. try looking up seborrheic dermatitis..google the pics
  4. did u read the treatment part of the article..well just pasting it here for your record Treatment •Initially, let the beard grow for 30 days to eliminate ingrown hairs. •Use a polyester skin-cleansing pad twice a day. Or, use a moisturising shaving foam. •When you resume shaving, use a single blade razor. Double blade razors cut the hairs too short allowing them to grow in. •Alternatively, use electric hair clippers or a razor with an attachment that leaves the cut hairs long. Aim to
  5. No it looks like inflamed whiteheads sometimes, and sometimes its just a big red bump that doesn't come to a head. I shave about once a week with a self cleansing shaver, and I wash my lip before and after shaving. http://dermnetnz.org/acne/pseudofolliculitis-barbae.html ?? maybe ingrown hair.???.let your beard grow out and see
  6. does it looks anything like the pics on this link?? http://dermnetnz.org/acne/perioral-dermatitis.html if so read up a little on perioral dermatitis... change ur toothpaste to an sls free toothpaste..
  7. i got this one done http://www.camnutri.com/product_info.php?c...t5hhspphivdq8e0
  8. maybe its an insect bite...id say try an antiseptic or use a warm compress...
  9. Does it itch?? Yeah, they can. What does that mean? do you have dandruff?? try to avoid the hot shower.. is it a pimple that forms or just a bump with no white stuff? PS sorry about the late reply
  10. if u post a pic it will give us a better idea.. or even if u post the pic of some1else to whom your condition most resembles... that would be orite too..
  11. hey the pimples that u get on threading is because the hair follicles are getting irritated.. when ur hair follicle gets irritated it leads to inflammation and thus the white blood cells go to fight the bacteria/fungus that inhabits that region hence the white stuff is dead white blood cells. I would suggest you to perhabs try something else..there are several other home remedies..try to google it. About your hijab, I would say wash it everyday..because when u wear the hijab you tend to sweat a
  12. maybe u could try consuming food rich in vitamin C like lemons,oranges,etc
  13. I would suggest getting a culture/biopsy done at a lab. It's weird how doctors always think that bacteria could be causing this. Don't play along with the guessing games that doctors enjoy so very much. Good luck I hope it gets better soon
  14. Really that's awesome I hope this works out...