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  1. Hey Guys, I'm gonna keep this short but for any of you out there who want an update. So my skin is looking pretty good, but still problems. Still bumps showing up on my face on a regular basis, and two small pimples in the past week. I still have about 20 pills left. Mostly I take two a day but sometimes I decide only to take one, depnding on how I feel. I dont know whats gonna happen when I stop. Either the bumps are gonna stop or their gonna get worst. They seem to get more aggrevated the mor
  2. I put up month 6 pics! I am almost in tears looking at my chin all blown up. Good tears I mean. I cant believe it, accutane really worked. I have not had such a smooth chin in at least 10 years. Isnt that insane?? I'm really happy! Only one month left of treatment. I've been without tane for 4 days though cause my prescription was filled out wrong and my doctor hasnt replied to the pharmacy yet about it. So I am going to get a small amount today and hopefully get the rest next week. Well I got
  3. Aww, poor Molly. Poor You! Thats kinda funny though, I can just picture that cute little thing trying to get out of the car window, probably trying to find her mommy... Congrats on the compliment, thats like my fantasy that someone is going to compliment my skin. Never happened in my life...soon... Hope everythings all great! An dy
  4. Hey Jules, I know what you mean, I am just counting down the days till this is over. I've given up on trying to get to the gym, its just too exhausting, I need all my energy just to make it through the day. I'd say give it another month if you can, if your still purging on your back. You've come this far, dont give up yet. I was still purging alot in month five, month 6th I dont think I got any white heads, just little red pimples. One month can make all the difference I think. Thats just my opi
  5. Hey youre looking great! 100 mg? Wow thats crazy, especially since youre doing so well. My derm said he prescribed some guy 5 pills a day cause he wasnt seeing any results but...still wierd. Anyway, sorry about the knee, a guy in a lab down the hall tore his acl just a while ago, I always see him limping around. Hope yours is okay and congrats on the good results. An dy
  6. Hey CJ! Sounds like things are great over here. I'm doing one more month too. I cant believe that so many people have finished and this message board is full of strangers. Its sorta lonely. I wish I'd been done a long time ago. Oh well. Its been a memorable time (maybe not good memories but still memories). I'm sure the scars will fade quickly once you are done treatment. Hope these last weeks are smooth sailing. See ya later! An dy
  7. You look amazing girl! Congrats on the great results. Whats Taz by the way? An dy
  8. Hey corrine, I too have about one month left, so we should finish around the same time. YAY!! My face is red all the time too, its emabarrassing, I cant wait to go back to my normal self! I'll be keeping an eye on you, take care and good luck in your last 31 days. An dy
  9. Hi Everyone! Wow, things are crazy over here. My supervisor is renewing his grant and were all working round the clock to get him results so he can get trillions of dollars and get more students and more research and more money. Well, you get the picture. I'm busy, but I'm doing well mostly. I had a derm appointment on Friday, and I am going to do a seventh month of treatment. The last month. God this has been a long and frightful time. I took in my prescription to get filled yesterday and it l
  10. Accutane 5 645 781, or something to that effect. Well, my only problem is me. Scratching my last 8 or so little bumpies hiding under my skin like damn cowards. Cowards I tell you. Come out and show yourselves so I can get rid of you! Basically theyre all little blackheads behind some skin. I cant push them out cause my skin has ZERO, NONE, NADA, elasticity. Cant get a good pressure building up to force the suckers out. Instead the skin just gives way under my finger and slides a little leaving a
  11. Hey B whats up? Well I dont know if you even come by here anymore, but I wanted to see if everything was going well. Sounds like the skins doing great, hows the maintenance? Hope youre over your withdrawl process and havnt crawled back to the derm begging for a fix to relieve the symptoms. Just kidding, I have a feeling your doing great. I'm having a nostalgic moment, seeing everyone wrap up their logs. Who are all these new people? Hopefully they all come out of this alive. Well anyway, hope yo
  12. Were all slowly dropping off the boards arent we? So everything must be going fantastic, your face looks superb and you have a new puppy! I would have named her Buttercup. That was my cat, the love of my life, I had to give her away when we moved out of our house when I was 14. Sorry, I've been MIA, I'm so busy all the time, doing what, I dont know. Actually I think I'm just more lasy than ever, I never feel like typing, too much work. Well, glad to see things are all good. Take care! Andy
  13. Hey you! A stye in your eye? I wonder if accuatne has anything to do with that? I had like 10 styes half about three months ago and I saw someone elses log who had styes. They suck. Nappy cream useful in that situation? Congrats on being done! I'm terribly jelous. I still got a weensy bit of acne left on my chin. My derm will keep me on till its smooth as a baby's buttom. Hopefully that happens soon cause I am just dying to finish treatment. I feel like a 2 million year old woman, I yearn for
  14. Well this is just downright sad! You've been such a presence on this website, it will be really wierd to have you gone. EVen though I never post, I read all the time and it will be lame that youre gone. But I am very happy for you. And I hope you and Nicole have a long and happy relationship together. Good Luck Cutie Pie!