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  1. I have clogged pores all over my face. do any of you know how they get there and how to get rid of them? anyways, does accutane get rid of clogged pores and blackheads--i dont really have much ACNE but i have a lot of blackheads
  2. Yes i have mild acne get a few zits here and there. but i have a lot of clogged pores and bumps on my forehead. i used to be strongly against taking accutane due to the side effects and the 2 derms i went to didnt think that i should take accutane because my skin wasnt that bad and they just said my skin could be alot worse. well i am sorry but i want to have perfect skin. and based on the gallery that is part of this web site people with mild acne that took accutane got clear perfect skin with
  3. JUST AN "FYI"- I have been tanning off and on for 4 years I had mild acne and thought that tanning would mask it. For the first couple of weeks that i started tanning my face cleared up. then my skin started to get dry. And whenever i got a pimple it would take much longer to heal. but i continued tanning. Well this year i started to work in a hospital and i became very aware of my health and i decided that i probably should tan anymore at the risk of developing skin cancer. when i stopped tanni
  4. My wedding is 2 months away. I have minimal scarring and VERY mild break outs (usually have 1 or 2 small pimples at a time). I was wondering if any of you have some advice of a good skin prepping regimen before my wedding so that my skin will look its best. I have glycolic acid peels ranging from 30%-60%. I was wondering how effective they are at fading marks. but anyways if you have suggestions they will be appreciated. i dont want to dry out my skin too much bc makeup looks better on moistur
  5. Rach


    thanks for your comments. I have bought a tanning package and went once. I went for 12 minutes. I got burnt which is weird because i hardly ever burn. but maybe my skin is changing. neways, it looks funny because i have a healing spot on my cheek and the area around it is white and the rest of my face is red. but anyways from now on i think that i am going to tan while wearing a makeup with spf 15 so that i wont burn as easily and so that my face will not be blotchy =) thanks again
  6. I have a question. I am getting married in 4 months. we are going on our honeymoon to punta cana. I think it will be necessary to start tanning about a month before we go. I dont want to burn when i go plus it will be nice to have a tan for the wedding, My questions is do you think that i will still get tan if i wear makeup with 15 spf when i got tanning? I want to wear makeup so that i wont burn on my face, but i was hoping i would still get a tan
  7. there is a site www.selfinjuriousskinpicking.com. It has helped me so much with my compulsive picking.i just thought i would share it with people who struggle with picking at their faces!
  8. Rach


    Ok I think i am going to start tanning again. YES, I know it is really bad for you and can cause cancer, but it makes be feel SOOOOOOo much better about myself when i go tanning. I do not have active acne anymore but i do have brown spots left from when i did have acne and they disapear when i go tanning. Tanning doesnt make them worse, its just when the tan fades, the spots appear again. I have gone all winter so far with out tanning, and i dont think that i can resist anymore. What do you thin
  9. I really like Clinique Perfectly real makeup alot. I just got it and i have been using it for 2 weeks it has very good coverage and matches my complexion very well. it is also oil free. i just wanted to recomment it. i got it at kaufmans for 22$
  10. Rach

    Witch Hazel

    I leave it on. And i dont like vinegar because it stinks whenever i work out and sweat =)
  11. A couple of months ago I went to Sally's Beauty Store and picked up this astringent called Witch Hazel. I have been using it now for about 2 1/2 weeks. I must say that I love it. It is definetly the only astringent that i have tried that doesnt over dry my skin. and it only cost about 2.50$ . =) I have also noticed that my complexion is looking more even and that it has helped make my red marks fade =) Just thought i would let you guys know that this is a good product. I use it in the morning an
  12. i have red marks then. not hp. so maybe there is hope. i bought scar zone treatment from rite aid. it is a topical medication. we will see how that works =) and i am doing glycolic acid peels 1 time a week 30 %.
  13. When use glycolic acid i apply it to my whole face for 1 minute. gradually i will increase the time to like 5 minutes
  14. Well i tried my first session of oral b with baking soda followed by a glycolic peel. My face is very smooth. It is a little red though, but feeling good. I will have to try it for a month before i let you know the real results
  15. Let me know how it goes at the Laser doctor. I was thinking about seeking treatments like that. Tell the what the cost is like too! thanks