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  1. What foundations/face makeup do you recommend for yellow undertones? I absolutely love the shades Mac offers because you don't have to worry about turning orange, but they make me breakout. I like Bare Minerals but I'm in between Light and Fairly Light. I also like Garnier BB Cream for Oily Skin but again, I'm in between Medium/Deep and Medium/Light. What do you guys like?
  2. Great Coverage, Horrible Breakouts

    colors coverage Bad Breakouts drying You can't beat the colors and the coverage, but every single time I use this makeup it makes me breakout. I have this powder and only use it when I'm in a bind and literally every time I do I breakout. I've tried soooooo many times, ugh!
  3. Doesn't Make me Breakout and feels good on skin

    No Breakouts Feels light on skin Not full coverage Not very many shades I like this product a lot. Its very light and natural feeling. I use the Oily Skin version which is WAY better than the miracle and other versions for my acne prone skin. The oily skin version really sinks in but doesn't make me breakout (and everything makes me breakout). The only bummer is I have to mix the light/medium and the medium/deep to get the right shade. Why can't they just have Medium?
  4. Finally something that doesn't make me breakout

    Doesn't make me breakout Feels good on skin Color Selection Drying I've used this for a few years and it's one of the only makeups I've found that doesn't make me breakout (the only other one is Garnier BB Cream). I wish they had a few more shade options. I'm always between the fairly light and light so that's kind of annoying and it is a little drying, but like I said, I haven't found very many options that my skin likes so I always come back to this.
  5. Great Color Selection but makes me Breakout

    color selection coverage breakouts cakey I really love the color options in this foundation. Finally something that has yellow and blue undertones, seems like every other foundation is way too pink or orange on my skin. The bummer is this foundation does make me breakout and I can feel the thickness on my skin. Ugh. Anyone know of a foundation with good color options and doesn't make your skin breakout?