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  1. honestly, i don't have trouble reaching anywhere on my back with just my hands (although it isn't THAT easy)- maybe that's just me, though
  2. I was reluctant to try it, but after doing it for what, 2 1/2 months, it's amazing how it's worked. After about 1 1/2 months it totally stopped. Then for the last month, up until now, i've had, literally a total of 2 new pimples. Not only that, but there has never been a single flake of dead skin on my back ever (though at times a slight itch which is not a problem). The whole "bleaching shirts" thing has never happened, either, strangely. Before, my back acne could get pretty bad, though not te
  3. thanks for the recommendation, Wynne, i'll check it out
  4. i've been using Dan's regimen on my back now for almost a month, and man, what an improvement! Even more than i thought, but.... all over the top of my back and on my shoulders i still have all those light red/pink spots all over. if i didn't have those spots from old acne, WOW! my back would look really clear is there a tanning cream out there that doesn't clog pores and at the same time makes your skin a bit darker to where you can't see the old, light spots? is this possible, anyone ever do
  5. sounds good, i might give it a shot when i have the money
  6. I don't know what to do...... the H&S didn't work for me, and i can't do the seasalt baths because that supposedly is bad for the pipes (and that was the only thing that truly helped). So if i were to use the back regimen, i'd have to wear a white shirt all the time underneath my other shirt so it won't bleach it, right? Anyone have success with the back regimen? It doesn't seem that popular, not to mention it's expensive since you have to use a lot of bp. ...or can anyone think of anythi
  7. Well, it seems like forever that i've been on the regimen, but i could never figure out the very best way to get the dry skin off right after the first step- washing your face. So what i've been doing the last few weeks is: Right after you dry off after washing, you can see a whole bunch of white stuff around your face, right? Some of it is just residue that appears after your face gets wet, and some of it is dead skin. Peel off the dead skin with your fingernail (be careful with this, though)
  8. i've been doing the regimen for 9 months now and my face is still constantly flakey- just don't worry about it. what i do is whenever i do the regimen, i just peel the flakes off (especially in the morning) and just make sure that i get them all off so when i go out in public, there aren't any dumb flakes that are visible, and it's all fine throughout the day. if you can find a moisturizer that helps with the dryness, great, hopefully you will
  9. i saw overall improvement immediately for awhile but it was only a little- then after 4 1/2 months is when i started going multiple days without anything new popping up- which is what i call good improvement
  10. i was actually thinking about doing that myself, maybe, since i tried Head and Shoulders for 2 weeks and it didn't work. good to hear you're having success with that..... but out of curiousity, how bad was it before?
  11. that's not what i use but the majority of the forum use that one yeah. i've stopped using H&S for now till this bit of irritated skin goes cool, thanks i'm going to try to get that one at the store then; hopefully it'll work for me, since for some it works and for others it doesn't
  12. you said classic clean for men, right? so this is ok?: http://www.shopinprivate.com/headshoulders.html
  13. lol, that's the exact same question i asked in the thread i started, and there's no replies. i mean, basically, isn't it zinc that is supposed to be the main thing that helps? couldn't you just buy any of them since it seems almost all of them have zinc as the active ingredient? but wait...... no, someone said that some of them can be irritating instead of helful. :doubt:
  14. sorry to create another thread just for a simple question, but it seems that being aggressive like this is the only way to get questions answered..... in the H&S thread, uksnowboarder showed a link to what he uses. however, i've browsed on some of the store sites that carry Head and Shoulders and i can't find that exact brand. it's probably a UK thing, i don't know...... (i don't want to order it online, i'd just like to buy it at a store) This is the one! http://www.boots.com/shop/