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  1. **Week Eight/Nine Status Report** Over this past couple of weeks my nose and knees have decided they have stuff to say. The inside of my nose is peeling really bad...and when I wipe the inside the tissue comes out red. It doesn't really hurt...but the dryness is quite uncomfortable. Putting lotion up there helps a bit...but I'm constantly checking myself to make sure blood or dry skin isn't present for the world to see. As for my knees...well, normally I work out 3-4 a week. On my work out ni
  2. **Update** I counted my remaining Claravis capsules...I have 32 of each (10, 20, 40mg)...enough to last me for the next 16 days. How I got that far behind I have no idea. I know the pharmacy was a few days late filing my Rx due to having to order it...and I know I've missed some 2nd doses on some random days. But I didn't think I was that far behind...
  3. **Week Seven Status Report** Same ol' same ol'... Carmex...Curel...and lots of water... My jury duty starts Monday the 10th...the same day of my original appointment. I had to cancel that appointment and the soonest he can see me is April 26th. I MAY be able to make my remaining Rx stretch if I take only 70mg a day as opposed to 140mg. Not ideal...but I don't see a choice... I mean, I've forgotten to take the second dose several times over the past 7 weeks and nothing bad has happened (ie b
  4. Hi Curious P, My first two courses with Accutane were over 10 years ago. My acne both times were pretty bad...I had good sized pimples all over my face, and the turnover was constant. My nose, forehead, cheeks, and chin were all equally affected. My skin was really oily and self confidence LOW. The first course reduced the break outs by half...but no a whole lot. I was introduced to my second course within 5 months. The second course elminated it almost entirely...although I suffered occasiona
  5. I use an electric razor without a whole lot of irritation. I'm in my second month of Accutane. Since I usually have a lot of moisturizer on baby powder (cornstarch) helps the screen glide smoothly over my face.
  6. Hi Marana0104, I know deciding to take Accutane can be a difficult decision...from my personal experience the pros definatley outweight the cons (at this point in time anyway). Accutane will help with your oily complexion for sure. What is your Dr. opinion, do they want to put you on it? My opinions on your concerns are below...but I would encourage you to bring them up with your Dr. as well. Let me know if you have other questions! - The initial outbreak of acne...while it sucks big
  7. **Week Six Status Report** Nothing new or exciting to report this week either...except the dry skin has "surfaced" in other areas. My hands, elbows, knees, and ears now require application of lotion. Not a major deal...just a few extra minutes after I get out of the shower. My next Dr. appointment should be 4/10/06...but I have been called for jury duty that week so I will need to reschedule. Due to iPledge I can't go before 4/10...so I will have to wait for the following week which means I wi
  8. It's important to remember that eveyrone's body chemistry is different and we could all react to Accutane in our own special way. I weigh 155 lbs. and am on 140 mg a day and suffer from none of the "heavier" side effects (join pain, headaches, etc). Interestingly, I eat salmon 3-4x per week...so that could play a major role in my lack of joint discomfort.
  9. Buckfan! Roseybell is from CMH also...that makes 3 of us so far. Thanks for the well wishes...so far so good. I hope this 3rd time does the trick. The Derm that said Accutane would help you...do they know about your depression history? There are different schools of thought on whether or not there is any truth behind...but it's a tough call so I wondered what their opinion was.
  10. I get the scabs and peeling skin on the inside of my nose too...it's gross. I also had very dry, scaly, rash-like skin on my arms, elbows, and knees but lotion cleared that up.
  11. **Week Five Status Report** Nothing new or exciting to report this week. I have adjusted to the dryness...my hair is doing better (thanks for the advice Roseybell!!!)...eyes still the same...and sweet tooth still kickin'!!! Shaving has become easier too. Still working out 3-4x per week with no muscle or joint pain. I received my iPledge log-in info in the mail...but not sure what I need to do since the registration questions seem to be about birth control. Anyone know? YTD Cost: Dr. Visit One
  12. I'm in my second month of Accutane...and lift weights/workout 3-4x a week. I haven't had any problems with muscle or joint pain.
  13. I wouldn't say worse, no...but it came back in a different form. My acne came "back" around 2000-2001 (I stopped my second trail around 1997). Prior to Accutane I would get large, painful pimples pretty much everywhere on my face. After Accutane I rarely had large pimples, but rather tiny more painful zits, which were accompanied by red marks that would last for days/weeks depending. Mainly on the sides of my face and my chin. Differen/Tetracycline and Doxy/Tazorac helped for a while, bu
  14. I'm currently on my 3rd course (the first 2 were about 10 years ago).
  15. Great! Make me feel all kinds of guilty about my occasional splurging... But, serioulsy, you are quite right... I have incoroporated avocados and salmon into my diet for the EFA's, which have helped out greatly out with the dry skin side effect.