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  1. Hey guys, I've been wondering for a while now why Retin A is supposed to be good for scarring, but Accutane supposedly makes scars form easier. If they're both derived from vitamin A, wouldn't it make sense that they do the same thing even though one is topical and the other is oral? For example, vitamin C is supposed to promote collagen either way. Anybody read anything about this or have any idea?
  2. Hey budah, I'm in Atlanta too and had a few questions about the procedure and stuff if you don't mind answering them 1. What made you choose Dr. Gravier over the other options near Atlanta? 2. How much was the procedure? 3. How exactly does the fat grafting part of the procedure work?
  3. Hey Lalena, I was wondering if you've seen any more improvement with your scarring since your last treatment. And about what percent you'd say your scars have improved. Thanks!
  4. So I used it for roughly 10 months, and for about the first 2 months I was still breaking out pretty bad. After that I started to clear up and would get maybe one new zit a week. Unfortunately, like I said before, I slowly realized that every zit was leaving a scar so I stopped and decided to go on Accutane.
  5. Hey, just letting you guys know that, for me at least, BP definitely caused indented scarring. Before I started using BP, the scars from my cystic acne would be a little depressed and hyperpigmented, but they would always level out again and return to normal skin color. While I was using it, even little zits would cause indentations that still haven't leveled out. Since I've stopped using it, the vast majority of new scars level out after a few weeks. I know its still anecdotal, but just thought
  6. Hey, I remember my doctor saying not to worry if I missed a couple doses of accutane because its stored in fat. That being said, not really sure what you should do. I'd suggest splitting it up for a couple of days, but that could be completely wrong...
  7. Yup, hopefully! Also I COMPLETELY understand looking at your reflection on your phone screen. I'm constantly "checking the time" to try and get a glimpse of how bad I look haha. Sorry you have to go through this too, but it's kinda nice knowing that I'm not the only one haha.
  8. Hey, I started taking accutane (claravis) 30 mg on 8/24 and I've been experiencing weird vivid dreams too (along with a bunch of other side effects). But hopefully I can keep taking it because I have severe cystic acne and scarring like you
  9. Yea I use the BP during the day, and then actually like the hour long mask way more than sleeping with honey on haha. Also I just saw that you wanted to try fermented cod liver oil, I've been taking it for maybe...3 weeks? The only noticeable effect is that its making my wallet lighter haha. But I'll probably stick with it for at least 2 months.
  10. So it seems like you're trying LOTS of stuff (which I also have a habit of doing) but I'd say stick with the honey. I've started to use it since my scars and hyper-pigmentation don't seem to be going away while using benzoyl peroxide and it works really well on recent marks. Plus its pretty moisturizing!
  11. Hey DC-girl, First off, thanks so much for posting this. I have really similar scarring to yours from overuse of benzoyl peroxide, so your story really gives me hope and I plan on doing both TCA and dermastamping or rolling in the future. That being said, I still have cystic acne, although I think its like remnants trapped in my skin and not anything new. Just out of curiosity, how'd you get rid of your acne?
  12. I used it for like 8 months and it definitely purged my skin, but eventually got rid of the vast majority of my acne. However it left me with lots of indented scars that just got worse over time, so I recently stopped.
  13. Thanks for the replies guys. I'm doing everything I can to try and keep inflammation down. I've been taking fish oil and zinc for a while, my diet has consistently been chicken or fish, beans, loads of vegetables and fruit, rice and almost no other grain for about 6 months now. I've been using honey for about a month to try and heal the scars, and while it has been doing a great job for that, maybe its either clogging pores or drawing stuff out? Also Sydboi, what's beta glucan? I've heard it
  14. Hey whoever reads this, I recently used the regimen, which worked great for clearing up the majority of my moderate to severe acne, but unfortunately its left me with tons of indented scars from the initial purging. After using the regimen for 8 months my scars just seemed to get worse. So I've stopped for now and have been trying different things to make the scars better, but unfortunately if it makes my overall skin better, it forces deeply clogged stuff from under the surface into large h