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  1. I have tried so many things, its ridiculous. My acne is genetic, which is even worse argh. Anyway, anyone have any tips/products to help with the scars? I've started dry body brushing to exfoliate and am using retain-a 0.05 for the past 5 months with mild improvement in terms of acne lesions. I'm also south asian which makes the hyper pigmentation which makes the issue even worse fml.
  2. I'm on my 15th week of retina-a 0.05 and what was once hundreds of small under the skin bumps on my forehead are now around 50 under the skin bumps, so thats ok. But the biggest problem is that i am randomly breaking out in big red pimples. Where i get about 7 in a row, which disappear after 2 weeks and then come back later. Should i still be purging? I never used to break out in inflamed, large bumps before, when should i call it quits?
  3. Before starting (9.12.14): Skin has had the worst cystic breakout ever, around 8 cysts on shoulders upper back, 2 cysts near waist line, a lot of clogged pores and small red pimples/ whiteheads. Before I start I just want to say that I apply 3 pie sized drops all over my upper middle back and only apply moisturizer 2-3 times a week. I apply the medication at least 15 minutes after my shower otherwise my skin becomes very irritated and itchy. Week 1 (16.12.14): Have alternated days so th
  4. just large pores, exfoliating twice a week and using a daily cleanser with salicylic acid should help. maybe a clarisonic?
  5. i advise you not to as i used it for about 10 weeks and am left with severe pigmentation all over my back which i think may be from scabs or chemical burns
  6. yeah!! definitely ask if you have any defficiencys and maybe ask for a blood test to figure out if any of your hormones are out of balance.
  7. a non comedogenic one such as neutrogena or you can use a daily moisturizer with spf in it
  8. just keep applying benzoyl peroxide 2.5% cream to it to kill acne causing bacteria and use sunscreen to stop your red marks from becoming darker. they will fade in time
  9. the stuff you have used aren't designed for your type of acne. You have a large amount of clogged pores with hard sebum plugs. you should be looking into a 2% salicylic wash and a topical that had either 10% glycolic acid or salicylic acid >1%
  10. may i know if you have had any luck treating it?
  11. they itch in the morning and after i get out of a hot shower. I have a few on my right breast now. should i visit a dermatologist or is it just normal acne. btw they are skin coloured bumps that are a bit darker than my normal tone and have a reddish tinge after being scratched and during the day sometimes. One of them has turned into a red pimple i think. I am currently swiping tea tree oil over the area twice a day
  12. I need help getting rid of this. If it helps i am a girl and it is summer here in australia. I have made sure that my room is always cold so i don't excessively sweat. Is this acne of folliculitis. btw. i have had pimples on my chest before but these are small red bumps that sometimes itch in the morning but not during the day. Oh and is there any way to get rid of dark brown marks left by previous acne on the chest?
  13. Hi i bought a tube of epiduo for my bacne. Except it says to use a pea sized amount for the whole face, but no directions for back use. How much should i use to cover my whole upper and middle back?