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  1. Thanks, yu! Took my 4th pill yesterday and my skin is clear, but my entire body is super itchy. Hating the side effects. Guess it's the price for being free of acne.
  2. Looks like I've experienced the initial breakout. Thank God it lasted less than 2 weeks and I'm healing now. Idk if there'll be another one on the 4th pill. I'm nervous... I'll keep informing the progress on this thread. No problem, right yu?
  3. I don't know if it's better if I create another topic about this, but since the information here helped me a lot + I'm lazy, here it goes. 10mg/week Current status: 3rd pill Started with: lot of tiny pimples around the neck and redness on cheek. Never had problems with acne. First charge on accutane. Short story about me: Always had a healthy diet and I'm like a gym maniac. My parents are korean, but I don't speak very well. I can tell if they're joking or are mad; basic stuff like good mor
  4. Hahaha I'm taking 10mg/week. Since I came to korea and totally changed my diet, I got my neck with tiny pimples and noticed my face oily, in adition with redness around my cheek. Never had problems with acne before. It's my first time on accutane. Don't want to bother with creams. Straight to the point and let the accutane kill this sheeet
  5. Well, everything went strangely right. I asked the receptionist if the doctor speaks english. She said yeah and in 5 minutes I was asking the roaccutane. It's amazing how easy you can get it. I mean, no blood test, no creams first, right to the point. I asked 2 years of pills. Since my case isn't severe, he told me to take a pill once a week. Actually he said I was being perfectionist. Well, I'm korean. Only work with perfection haha By the way, it was 15.000w for a consult. The receptioni
  6. Actually my parents are korean, but I'm on vacation and came to visit my cousin and, of course, enjoy this country. Can't speak korean properly, so I'm going to try and inform if things go wrong hehe Do I need to call and get an appointment? Doesn't look like they get busy all day...
  7. Hey, yu I was wondering about the price of a consult with a dermatologist in south korea. I'm now in korea and suddenly got myself with some pimples, plus my face is getting oiled. Maybe its thanks to the food full of oil here. Anyway, would you care sharing the prices? Is it easy to find a dermatologist with a decent english? How much does the accutane cost? Does any pharmacy sell it? Thanks!