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  1. Hey! You're my inspiration for TCA CROSS. EXCELLENT work, guy. Great education, too, in your posts. Thanks immensely.

  2. Miss Rosenberg, congrats on the moderatorship.

  3. Lol, when I read the thread title I thought you got a blow job from a complete stanger. I misread "low."
  4. Gumby got his way, eh? Damn it, that's going to make us actually have to work to make a decent joke. At least the old pics are still up. Hasn't rendered my sig links useless.
  5. Congrats Deal. Good to see our resident math wiz rewarded!
  6. Umm, I have absolutely no idea, but I have used Aloe Vera Gel as hair gel because it's much lighter and doesn't get hard and sticky like regular hair gel. My hair was never in any threat of falling out, though.
  7. I agree with THEREALCURE. Once you've moved to a clean diet for a while, eating refined junk may as well be injecting yourself with insulin. The nausea and digestion problems other people mention are different, but it's the insulin spike that makes you feel like you suddenly weigh twice as much and are going to fall over and go into a coma for a few hours.
  8. I had one red circle on the left side of my jawline that was there about five or six years before finally going away. Everything else was gone within a year, though.
  9. Disneyland costumed character gives the best of both worlds. Constant interaction with people, and they can't see your face. Of course, they pay shit and you're not allowed to talk.
  10. yeh, sure.. ill send you on my details, msn and all of that...take it easy

  11. Absolute submissiveness in the bedroom. Outside of that, a generally strong sense of self, some direction in life, and a quick wit are always nice.
  12. If you haven't gone to college yet, consider a maritime academy. If you're going to get into shipping, you may as well be on an actual ship, and as a skilled deck officer of some sort rather than some random grunt.
  13. Yeah, just that I haven't had acne in almost a decade, am not currently doing much in the way of scar treatment, and playing with the kids is only fun in concentrated but discrete doses. You could always e-mail or IM me, if you make use of such devices.

  14. where have you been? you should come on every now and again, intelligence and common sense, is always welcomed..