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  1. How interesting! Time to buy caffeine powder, mix it with a tri-antibacterial cream to serve as an emulsion dressing and do some home micro - to full dermabrasion!
  2. This procedure looks identical to scar "excision", as it looks like the Dr excised the scarred area and sutured up the wound. Perhaps you couldn't find anything on the procedure because you thought it was the procedure was called exertion instead of excision? Please disregard my ignorance if this is not the case.
  3. I've actually done quite a few treatments in the past -- regarding laser treatments and the after care, I know all too well. The only reason why I want to try kitoscell after TotalFx is because the laser literally burns tiny vertical columns into the skin, reaching quite far [sometimes passing well into the dermis, if not further]. IF kitoscell does what it's science claims to do, then TotalFX in conjunction to post procedure kitoscell application would allow me to heal without the fear of sca
  4. This is a very interesting subject matter as I have read and done countless small confirmatory research projects and citations revolving a similar premise of manipulating cellular mechanisms such as this -- albeit in mice and other model organisms. Now, I don't want to give false hope in this particular product as the analogous experimental work was done with facilitating/inhibiting nerve growth factor mechanisms; but from my experience, this shouldn't fall short of a cellular mechanism that ha
  5. oh my, someone actually replied! yes, i would like you to list them for me, thank you. to tell you the truth, i've actually found something over the days when i first posted this thread up until now that actually seems to be working/helping. i need to test it further to see if it is worth showing you guys, but basically all i do is apply it to my red areas and the redness goes away... of course, later SOME of it comes back, but that is ONLY some. "this" might be the cure.
  6. i don't really know why but underneath my jawline and my chin, there is a visible red patch of skin. it runs continuously from one side of the jaw, to the chin and to the other side of the jaw. it is literally like a red line underneath my face. ex. [Head] [Chin] [Redness Line] [Normal Colored Neck] i think this might be because of shaving but i am not sure. i used to get acne in these areas but not anymore. all i know is it's acne related because the rest of my face is not like this
  7. to be honest.. they look like goose bumps to me.. hehe you're just cold, your cure is a warm jacket!
  8. yes, if not immediately mate... with what i see -- i am no doctor, but those marks can leave atrophic scars. get on accutane before more pop up.
  9. hm.. this is a tough question. to tell you the truth it is hard to say. my acne has cooled down quiet a bit, i get one or two underneath my chin/jaw now and then -- it is best not to think about acne. if you have really bad acne then get on accutane, live your life and it will go away. i think we worry too much about acne and our appearance because when i had a lot of acne, NONE of my friends noticed. i even asked them about it and they were like.. acne? so? haha... BUT back to your questio
  10. why hello there mate -- it seems you have added me your friends list. of course this means i must add you to mine aswell!

  11. Ah, without a forum like that of acne.org, I would have been lost and depressed. Thank you message board, you have been my guide. All the people here are nice too!
  12. a light chemical peel should do. also, this looks more like a red mark topic not scar -- so perhaps you should look there for more info instead.
  13. hehe i love you blythe. yea... i don't know why threads like these don't get a lot of response. :/ anyway, thanks for stopping by chum