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  1. I dont really see much... by scars are you referring to the discolouration? they technically arent scars, but hyperpigmentation and will go in time. In the mean time you could try chemical exfoloiation, skin whitening, drink water... you could wear some foundation, as they are flat and texture of normal skin covering them with some makeup wont be obvious at all... these will go in time, maybe months, everyone is different, but compared to some you should count your blessings
  2. I have been told by a dermatologist back in japan that it is dermal, it is not from acne, but from some trauma that happened on my face approximatley 2 years ago. As my acne has now started to diminish i am more aware of this patch of skin. I have had various needling sessions, they did wonders for the texture of my other scars, but did not fade this discolourartion. I have researched the supplements, the reviews are what im finding, they are good..but they are not clinical studies, so im a
  3. Hey, please dont stress. I know its easier said than done, but sitting in your hotel all day foccusing on your scars is not good. I find that my skin actually looks better outdoors than in artificial lighting, there are too many shadows and they make my scars looks deeper, i also find that sunlight makes my skin look flawless when its really really not. Anyway, go out, have fun. Wear a hat or whatever you feel comfortable in, suncream and go and see some sites. You wont even be thinking about y
  4. Hi, I have very severe hyperpigmenation for a year now. It is not epidermal though and is much deeper. This is the reason why many skin whitening creams have not worked on me.I was wondering if anyone has found a way to get rid os this? It is very red but also flat so when i cover it you can not see it, so i guess i should be thankful... Anyway, i have used the following: Skin Whitening Serum With Arbutin Dr Organic skin whiteing cream Sk:n Skin whitening cream chemical exfoliato
  5. Hyperpigmentation can last a long time but there are a few things that can help. Exfoliation can help shed the skin and reveal the newer skin underneath. I prefer to do it chemically via a chmical exfolaint like Glycolic acid (Sk:n do a nice one). I masssage it in. You could also do it manually with a facial scrub but i find that i end up scrubbing too hard in a bid to try and get rid of the marks and end up irritating my skin.If you use a scrub remember to be gentle. Using suncream is a
  6. Okay i would see what the dermatologist says tbh. everyone is different and he/she would be able to know what treatment is best. TCA cross is a treatment where several sessions are needed I think. Also some people say that their scars look worse after their first treatment but remember that this is actually good as you are re-writing the scar tissue and it is a good sign that the scar changes appearance. but id check with your derm to see what technique they would recommend. Please dont ge
  7. Okay well the fact that it hasnt leaked or got bigger is good. i didnt mean to scare you. I looked around on the web... Dermatofibromas ? Dermatofibromas are harmless round, red-brownish skin growths that are most commonly found on the arms and legs. Dermatofibromas contains scar tissue and feel like hard lumps in the skin. The cause of dermatofibromas is not known. Keratosis Pilaris? This disorder appears as small, rough bumps. The bumps are usually white or red, but do no
  8. Hi my advice is to get it looked at (not to scare you, just that its an awful long time to have a pimple) Has it ever leaked? itched? Got bigger? If it started out as a whitehead or blackhead then maybe it is a blockage of some sort. Like i said, get it checked out by someone. I have similar things on my legs sometimes,they last about 2 months but seem to go eventually. good luck.
  9. people who make you feel low by pointing out 'imperfections' are just trying to make themselves feel better, and most people can only do so by bringing others down because they dont shine on their own. keep a log of you skin condition and try and frind out what causes your acne. it will help. You will have good days and bad days, but remember that acne doesnt make you ugly (in fact people who have acne tend to have less wrinkly skin when they are older, assuming they dont overuse acne produc
  10. Are they cysts? or pustules? big? I used to get terrible cysts on my chin monthly, they woudl take forever to go and new ones would pop up as the older ones were still healing so it was a horrid cycle. Fish oil helped me loads. It really has held back these cysts. Im not sure if you will have the same outcome but try it. Good luck. on another note, i one read a case study of a girl who had loads of chin pimples (covered) and she had a fungal infection. its unlikely you have that but ju
  11. Your skin on your forehead looks great. count your blessings. I dont see any obvious box scars or ice picks, so i wouldnt worry. If you want your skin to be smoother (baby smooth skin is not going to happen on anyone sadly...) then maybe try a chemial exfoliatinf facewash every now and then, and a good moisturiser. stay hydrated. I honestly dont see the need for any invasive precedures. If i had your skin i would be so happy.
  12. I have no pictures unfortunately. I dont keep a log with pictures, just my written skin log. My heart sometimes sinks when i think about the scars that plagued my face *shudders*
  13. Okay, Ive posted a few times about how i needled my boxscars on nose and stuff. I have been getting quite a few personal messages about it and stuff and thought it would be best to post here. Now, for starters everyone's skin is different so your results may vary in terms of duration etc... I originally had 4 box scars on my nose from some very bad cystic acne (which i admit i couldn't leave alone). They were not as deep as some peoples but in some lighting they were very bad because of
  14. SK:N do a good sunscreen they specialize in skin care and it is a really good one