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  1. I had about everything done to my skin over the years.....and nothing helps....best bet is save your money until if ever works and either grow a beard...if you are a guy ....or wear make up if you are a girl.
  2. Yea really....that is nothing!
  3. What happened to PolarityTE ? A cell? Isologen ?
  4. Tick tock on the clock.....where is Tom Mason? I have not heard anything new in the news for years. This thread is almost 13 years old!
  5. I have already had Fraxel....didn't do anything for me....but everybody is different.The damage has been done to my mind so even if they did find a way to get rid of scars....i might not even bother with it anymore.Life goes fast so...i hope you get back on your feet and get to make new friends and don't end up like me alone with cats!
  6. Dude....nobody knows for sure when a breakthrough will occur. It is like fusion reactors are only right around the corner. Beware...after pics are when the skin is still swelled up!
  7. Hey i am almost 60 and been alone all my life due to my acne and acne scarring has caused me a hard time making friends.As a result i have several bouts of depression.I can't find any friends in my area.I am about at my end too.Thing of it is i am a good honest person but i am not good at making friends.
  8. Everything...Laser,Microneedling ect is used to damage the skin and hopefully stimulate collagen.It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that.I use a home microneedling kit. It helps my appearance by tightening it for awhile.
  9. SkinTE has not said anything or not much if their product will work with acne scars.Hey i heard a team of scientist was able to reverse aging in a mouse or something so you never know if something might come out.If i spend anymore money on acne scar treatments...i am going to wait until i see real results.
  10. Hey....i have been doing this for about a year usually a week apart and my scars do look a lot better.....don't know if it is permanent though. That ok because as long as my scars look a lot better i am happy.
  11. and the beat goes on....thread going on plus 10 years!
  12. Tick tok on the clock......this thread is almost 12 years old and i still have not seen anything that vastly improves acne scarring. Lot of Docs like to take people's money like they did mine.I know that there are some very intelligent people here but still i have seen nothing that works really good.I am just doing the cheep treatment...dermarolling. It doesn't cost much and i don't have to waste the thousands of dollars for no improvement in my scars.
  13. Did you ever think about Spiro in larger doses? Look i know it is for girl but you can take it until you hit your 20's and maybe your hormones will straighten out....i know it is drastic but if this is last resort even after accutane it might be a option.