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  1. Did you ever think about Spiro in larger doses? Look i know it is for girl but you can take it until you hit your 20's and maybe your hormones will straighten out....i know it is drastic but if this is last resort even after accutane it might be a option.
  2. Don't you love it when people who just had mild acne or none at all say to you it is not that bad of a problem. Damn i put up with this shit for 30 years going to the derm. I will never be the same mentally and socially since my acne started breaking out at age 14. I wish i could trade my problem with those people and in 30 years could tell them....it's not that bad! I have been a recluse most of my life outside of working.
  3. We might not be here in 10 years....nukes man! Looks on the bright side....they might find what causes aging and that would give everybody more time to find a acne scar fix. Girls wear make up and guys grow a beard! Fix to they find a cure!
  4. You can't read i guess....i said the faith healer was trying to get rid of the guys acne scars by removing the demon's inside him. The faith healer thought the guy had acne scars because of demons inside of him...ha ha~!
  5. I saw on You Tube that a faith healer got rid of someone's acne scars because the guy had demons in him. Maybe i will give it a try.Can't be any worse than the thousands i already wasted on useless treatments.
  6. WizGel....lol What do they do pee and make it into a gel? I am still waiting. Looks of talk and no action.
  7. Thanks For your wonderful suggestion, My old dermatologist was forcing me to do Co2 only which were not giving me any results, but After reading your answer I consult a new dermatologist and I will start my treatment as you mentioned by the end of this November, Thanks Alot man. Grow a beard!
  8. Tik tok on the clock! This thread is over 10 years. The bad part of this is lately i have not heard anything in the national news for years about new scar treatment. Shit it had been almost 40 years since accutane hit the market. I know i had it on day 1! I read about it a few years earlier in a science digest mag. Noth ing much new has been put out for acne treatment since then except anti-androgens and Retin A. I don't understand why acne scarring is still happening today. Back in the 70'
  9. Hey....don't give up.I am 58 and it really messed up my social life mentally. I spent my whole life alone because of my acne and acne scarring. Save your money until something that actually works comes alone.I already spent over 40k on shit that didn't work. The best thing i found that helps the appearance of acne scars is copper peptides. I found them on skin biology. It make the skin tighter and make the scarring less notable.Yea it is a pain slopping this on every night but it does work.It wo
  10. Just because a doctor feels like they care for you doesn't mean they can help your scarring. Most docs are trained to present a caring attitude.It is a business and they want your money.Heck...try not paying them and see how caring they are. As is in most of these procedures most insurances won't pay for these treatment and the doctor want the money up front first before he does any work on the patient.
  11. I know everybody wants a permanent fix to their scars but until that time comes i have used a cucumber mask i bought at the Dollar Store for just a couple of bucks. Works for about 36 hours and does give the appearance of a much tighter skin and the look of less scarring. I have spent over 30k on treatments that did not work in the past.Lots of promises and no results.I had Accutane the first day it was on the market but it didn't work for me. I had fillers,subcision,CO 2 laser,Fraxel ect and no
  12. Do you think somebody could create a thin fake skin to cover your face that could let the pores breathe or just use a day.....take off and wash.
  13. why? Because since this thread has been going on for over 10 years....nothing has been found. I don't think a human and a cat will ever mate either. Sure anything is possible but the odds are against it. There is a lot of things humans will never accomplish. To say that scarless healing will someday be possible and it can take only 10 years is purely speculation. The world might not be around in 10 years....maybe the sun will flare up and destroy life as we know it.....purely speculation..