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  1. And the beat goes on...................................
  2. Since ivermectin can cure almost anything can it get rid of acne scas?
  3. To see you people endlessly wait for a cure that never happens.....and i don't come here much anymore.
  4. This thread has been going on for years without nothing really new that actually works for scars. The original poster prolly isn't even around anymore!
  5. I suggest saving your money until something better comes out! Maybe grow a beard if you are a guy and a girl wear make up........most of this stuff is just snake oil to take your money.
  6. You can always grow a beard.....it is a lot cheeper........i would suggest to save your money until something better comes along.....i did the laser treatment.....fillers ect ect and not much has improved......seems like everybody is focused on Covid and not on anything else.
  7. Instead of regenerating new skin ......have a camera map you skin and find every pore on the scarring area and then print out a thin mask that you apply over the scarring area so the pores can breathe. It might work on woman but guys with facial hair might create a problem.It would be challenging but it would be better than trying to regenerate new skin which never be done.Our bodies evolved over millions of years and changing the way our bodies evolved in a matter of years may never happen.
  8. Nope....i have been following this thread for 13 years and it is just one thing after another that doesn't pan out.
  9. You know and i know...nothing new has been done in years for scarless healing.I have not seen anything in the news for years to help acne scars. Somebody will gladly take your money....i know...they stole 35k from me. Keep dreaming.......i speak the truth and have been here for years. You want to hold on to the dream that you can do something about scars but after you keep chasing that dream...and it never happens....your life will be over.
  10. Maybe you all can go through life wearing a mask due to covid or pretend to be a masked singer and go around town masked.Problem solved!
  11. The only thing you fail to notice that we humans are indeed animals too. I have had a lot of treatments...i think they made my face worse.You have to be careful in these after pictures because your skin swells up after a lot of treatments and it looks like your scarring has went away.Then when the swelling goes down the scars return....that is what happened after my Co2 laser resurfacing. Maybe if they had something that would give that swelling appearance to last instead of getting rid o
  12. Lol......start from the beginning of this thread and keep reading.....treatment after treatment failed.....but people will gladly take your money.....it wasn't too long ago this thread was posting how great Polarity was.
  13. I looked up that company and nowhere does it say anything about helping acne scars. I think you will have to wait years.....this thread has already been going on for now 14 years. yea like years