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  1. Thanks guys appreciate your responses. My derm said that if i do flare up, it will be within the first few weeks and that has already gone by. Plus i was on an antibiotic for a month before starting accutane so maybe that has helped clean me out from inside thus preventing the I.B?
  2. Hey guys, just had a quick inquiry from those who have finished or currently going through accutane treatment for their acne. Im 20 male, and have had moderate/severe acne for a while now. I started accutane (isotretonoin) about 20 days ago to be exact and am on 20mg/day. My lips are dry and face a bit redder than usual but my skin has improved heaps already and havent had a breakout for almost 3 weeks. I was told my I.B would be within the first few weeks but it doesnt look like anythings pop