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  1. I got a sunburn the other day. My friend recommended Cocoa butter. I was otherwise using 100% aloe to treat it. I got the cocoa butter, the burn was almost entirely healed in 2 days, additionally my skin looked a lot better all around. I have read that it has an effect on smoothing out scars and wrinkles, so I'd imagine it'd be good for indentations and the likes. Maybe not redmarks though.
  2. Ridiculous. You shouldn't care what people believe, you should care about the facts.
  3. It's not like believing in god or the bogeyman. It's scientifically proven fact. Our health starts with our diet. There should be no debate about that. There are people out there with terrible diets, heart disease is also the number one killer in the country. Obsesity is on the rise, diabetes, hypertension, a score of inflammation related ailments...etc. all of these things are related to diet, we are what we eat. plain and simple. But a lot of people with acne get all high and mighty about it.
  4. I got clear from completely readjusting my diet/lifestyle. I cut out all the junk, most dairy, excess sugar, most processed foods. I began exercising more frequently, I stopped using all these acne fighting products and stuck to natural treatments, and I took a combination of vitamins/minerals and dietary supplements. The only topical I used was Aloe Vera gel. I think my test levels have probably increased, but also, I think the excessive milk intake has set things off balance too. Eitherway,
  5. I was basically 100% clear a couple of months ago, and my skin looked pretty good, it was still covered in red marks, but I wasn't having breakouts anymore. The odd pimple here and there, but nothing serious. Now, I've started working out seriously, doing the bodybuilder thing, eating tons, resting tons, lifting really heavy..etc. It's been great for my body, but terrible for my acne. Right now I'm in the middle of the worst breakout I've had in a very long time. 8 or 9 spots, and they aren't
  6. Funny that you say ZMA has helped your Acne. *many* users of it report increased Acne as a byproduct. Which makes sense because it is supposed to insure that you have high test levels(at your bodies capacity, not unnaturally) and higher test levels have been linked to acne. So perhaps the ZMA is not affecting your test at all? I have been taking Biotest ZMA for a month to see if it was worth it, since I had read such interesting things about it. I think the most important thing it does for you
  7. Exercise is not a cure for acne, but aerobic exercise improves your body's ability to handle a condition like acne. There is no denying that. This is a fact. Running a couple times a week for 20-30 minutes goes a long way towards improving the effectiveness of your acne treatments. As I have discussed in other threads, curing acne isn't about finding a cure, it's about finding a synergy of treatments and approaches that create balance and good health in your system. You're going to have t
  8. Exercise is very important. Aerobic exercise helps improve bloodflow, flush out toxins and free radicals, improve mental health, emotional health, physical health and overall well being. All of these things combined will go greatly towards the EFFECTIVENESS of any acne treatment you may be on, while in and of itself being a great treatment. Every time I go running I feel great and look better all day, I was never very athletic as a child, and have only gotten into sports a couple years ago. I
  9. I wonder if you could dissolve a couple of natural vitamin C caps into water and apply it to your face as a means to get ascorbic acid topically. I'm sure it wouldn't be as strong as a serum, but it might help As for Vitamin C in general, I take about 4g a day. throughout the day. I can't say if it has helped my red marks any though.
  10. I recently started drinking milk again. Typically I drank soy milk for the past 3 years, not for any reason other than I like the taste. My acne is almost 100% under control as of now, but I'm still at the stage where I get an occasional zit or two. I don't breakout anymore(with 4 or 5 zits at a time in a constant cycle) I have been trying to figure out what the last links are to having completely clear skin versus what I have now(clear, but still not fully treated) I have started drinking
  11. If you are gaining weight from eating small meals throughout the day, then the meals you are eating are too big. If you have a caloric surplus(relative to your body types caloric requirements, and calculated against calories spent in a day) you will gain weight. Period. It doesn't matter when you are consuming those calories. It could be 3 huge meals a day, 1 huge meal a day or 20 tiny meals throughout the day. That is all there is to it. Once you get into the specifics of nutrition and vita
  12. How long have you tried various treatments? I think that the more serious red marks will take a lot longer of consistent treatment before you even begin to notice the slightest change, even with the fancier treatments. I am also beginning to get a little worried about a couple of my red marks which don't seem to ever get any less faded even after a slew of treatments over the past 3 or 4 months. But, I realize that 3 or 4 months might just not be enough time. Have you considered v-beam? It see
  13. Try not to think about foods as good or bad for your skin in a direct sense, the purpose of focusing on your diet is to improve your overall health, by which acne will be directly affected in the long run. Of your list though, none of those foods are likely to break you out, most of them have beneficial nutrients and are good components to any sensible diet. Fighting acne with diet is not about finding a specific diet or treatment, it's about finding a practical diet that provides you with wh
  14. It is unhealthy to eat 1 meal a day. That is the bottom line. It is double unhealthy to miss breakfast. 3 meals a day is NOT what our body is optimize for, truly we function best on 6-8 meals a day. 6-8 smaller meals consisting of a proper balance of the nutrients we need. That is ideal, that keeps all of our systems functioning well and helps to keep your body active. What you have done, eating fiber and eating a couple of healthy things in one meal a day. WILL produce results, but it is not
  15. From everything I have read it is okay to take dosage upto about 100mg a day. If you are planning on taking a dosage that high for a long period it is vital that you also supplement with 2-5mg of copper daily to prevent an artificial copper deficiency from forming, which can have serious side effects.