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  1. Okay, I have been on 40 mg of accutane for 4 months now and really havn't seen any signs of improvement. I honestly think it is getting worse. I never had cysts or acne on my chest or back and now they are covered. My question is do you think i should i continue accutane for another month or two or is it just making my skin worse and I should quit now?
  2. I just do not get it, why does this drug work for everyone else but not me. I have waited patiently for 3 months for any signs of improvement and they arent there if anything its worse. Is it possible to still improve after 3 months of should i just quit. My derm pretty much left it up to me after he told me I am the one person he has ever seen not respond to the drug. AHH i hate this. He tried bumping me up from 40 to 60 (i weigh 155 lbs) but i started to have severe muscle pains so we wen
  3. So i have been on accutane for over 2 months. I have done every thing I have been told to, but yet im still getting new break outs. Technically i just finished week 9, and this last week my dossage was bumped up from 40 to 60 but i havnt noticed a difference. I had never had a cyst before accutane and now I have them all over my back and some on my chest and face. I really dont under stand why a drug that is meant to cure acne makes it worse at first, in an initial break out. Is it abnorma
  4. No matter how gentle and carefull I am when washing me face, when i get done i am bleeding all over. Is this worth washing my face? I am currently 2 months into treatment and I am still getting break outs. I really dont know what to do if i wash my face I am going to bleed and scab, if i dont I am afraid my acne will increase or just still come.
  5. i weigh around 155 and im only on 40 mg a day, so im not sure if that is a wise decision
  6. I have another question, does anyone know if it is important to apply lotion or moistorizer. I bought some noncomedogenic nonscent moisturizing lotion but I havnt been using it b/c my acne seems less inflamed with out it. Is this bad?
  7. Im not hear to complain or try to persuad anyone on accutane either way, but I have been on the drug for over 6 weeks and my acne has only got worse. Has any one else experienced this? It seems like most people start seeing results around week 4. I really dont understand why it is not working or taking so long to show signs that it is. My dermatologist keeps telling me oh wait 2 more weeks and it will start improving. If anyone has any insight on how long it takes to start working, if it is