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  1. hey my name is shannon and i am 26. i have been on accutane for three months and two weeks, still breaking out and feeling down about it. i too have milia and mild to moderate acne. now that i am on accutane all of the milia is gone. it was suggested to me to get extractions but i went with my derm and started accutane. the extractions sounded like a good idea. i know however that it takes about a week to heal.
  2. Liz, hey my name is Shannon and i am into my fourth month of accutane. my skin is very similar to yours, mild to moderate. I am happy to be on accutane because I am just so tired of dealing with it. anyways no great improvements yet, acutally things have just gotten worse. most say that it clears towards the end and to hang in there because it is worth it! I too am an athlete. I make my living as a rafting and climbing guide in the summers and a snowboard instructor in the winters. my k