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  1. i used 10% for about 8/9 weeks, yep 2 months, and i didn't notice anything oh yeah appart from the fact that my face was almost completly clear by the end of it (was on oxytetracycline too.) But i stopped to go on Minocyclin and Retin-A BIG mistake, well you live and learn i guess....
  2. i had to wait about a week to see some stupid nurse who took close-up pictures of my skin and asked me loads of questions about it. Then i had to wait another 6 weeks to actually see the derm. i tried a few things with her and then she offered RoAccutane I said no simply because there was a warning about using it if people in your family had diabetes (my sis does) and theres all these other warnings not to mention the fact that I already have wild mood swings from happy to depressed etc, and it
  3. hey, i read most of the thread and this stuff does look like it could work. I have nothing else to go on so i have to try this. But i have one problem, i cannot find any creams or toners in the UK with these ingredients in, so if anyone here knows where i can get them i would be very grateful, thanks. Chris
  4. Well hey, better give u lot some background first: I'm 16 and have suffered from, I would say, severe acne for about 4 or 5 years. I have tried many drugs including Oxytetracyclin, Doxycyclin, Benzol Peroxide creams, Rentin A. I eventually ended up going to the dermatologist and almost went on Roaccutane but didn't as I didn't want to mess up my GCSEs with the potential side effects. So now I'm on Minocyclin (Minocin MR, i believe) and Zineryt. I have been on the former for about 4 months
  5. i must say that I have been eating eggs the past couple of days and have noticed an improvement in my skin. Although I have started with a clensing wash thing as well so that may be it