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  1. Im looking for a decent moisturiser that will not make my skin greacey or oily. As I get pimples when using standard moisturisers. Any help would be nice.
  2. Every night I wash my face with 'simple - Kind to skin Moiusturising facial Wash' Then 20 mins LATER-- I apply a thin layer of Retin A on red marks on my face. ( I dont get pimples anymore - But just red marks from previous spots) Should I apply an additional Moisturiser? or would the facial wash that I use will do? if so, which one is recommended for acne prone skin? especially when it gets oil. thanks for any input in advance.
  3. Ive got a big day coming up in a week. Would it be best to do the peels after that? especially if the peels would cause irritation or more redness. Also do any of you know , what can I use to unblock a few pours. I seem to get a few pimples in the same area, if im exposed to oil or strong fragrances
  4. thanks for that... as to moisturiser , my skin cant take anything that makes it oily as it causes small breakouts... do you know any decent fragrance free/ oil free one? also do the peels make the skin more red to begin with?
  5. thanks for this information? I have seen on ebay some reputable sellers selling 40/50% all the way to 90% . which will be best to purchase and is there anything else i will need besides that?
  6. thanks you sooo much guys for the advice , information and encourgament. It goes along way I rarely get acne now. Only if I apply any type oil based moisturiser or with a strong fragrance, I breakout with a few pimples. So judging by the above. i think I should give retina A a go? seen as ive already got some at home, which ive never used. what will the retina cream actually do? whats the purpose of it? I might invest in some clear and simple face wash for morning washes. Also would
  7. Just a few cm's side of my face , I end up gettting a pimple or two if 'im exposed to strong fragrances etc. Someone told me that region of my face has blocked poses. whats the best way to unblock them?
  8. As I'm getting older, I think i need to pay more attention to my skin and moisturise it. But my face can't handle moisturisers. it breaks out with acne. Who can recommend any decent moisturisers that prevents skin getting oily and also preferably fragrance free?
  9. For redish scars on the cheeks Which is better? and why?
  10. Throughout my teeange years I had quite bad acne. So naturally I am left the with reish scars on the sides of my face. everytime I see my face in the reflection I can see them I dont get acne anymore, unless if i put some oily moisturiser or anything oily on my face with strong fragrance, I'd breakout with pimples. So is there anything I can use to get rid of these redish scars??