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    Copper IUD & Acne (Isotrexin/Spiro)

    Thank you! I had my little boy nearly 3 years ago so I dont think its that. I havent been on any birth control for 6 years. My skin was clear as day while pregant and then obviously when my hormones were returning to normal I got my mild acne back but again controlled it with the topical. Im pretty certain its the coil I think your right if your not ovulating its messing something up with your hormones surely! I got the iud in July and by mid august I was breaking out. There is just no other reason other than the acne just getting worse all of a sudden. Ill give it a few months and hopefully it returns to normal otherwise to the derm it is!
  2. I have always had hormonal acne mild/moderate since 19 years old after coming off the combined pill. I never went to a dermatologist until 5 years ago i'm 31 now! They prescribed me Isotrex which worked wonders and kept my acne at bay. I had a little boy and skin was perfect whilst pregnant! (The Joys) I cannot go on the combined pill as it gives me Migraine with Aura & the mini pill gives me acne so basically I cant go on any hormone related birth control! Isotrex was discontinued annoyingly so I used Treclin and then switched to Epiduo...it all kept me clear thankfully. Fast forward 6 months I decided to go with the copper IUD as I needed a hormone free BC. 3/4 weeks later I started breaking out and every few days I would have a new whitehead appear for the past 6 months I keep breaking out. I couldn't pin point what was happening and didn't believe it could be the coil as there are no hormones?? I also found out Isotrexin was still going (same as Isotrex but with an antibiotic) so I thought great this will work! but no...its probably helped but im still breaking out. Anyway, I researched online and found so many threads and comments that women experience acne with the copper IUD. I got the IUD removed 4 weeks ago but havent noticed any improvement, I also Started 50mg of Spironolactone 3 weeks ago no improvement with that yet still breaking out maybe one or 2 pimples at a time and I want to believe its going to get better but worried, was it the coil? Or is my acne just now getting worse as i'm getting older? But why was my face so clear up tot the summer when I had the IUD put in and I wasnt on ANY form of contraception for years! Just to reiterate I am on 50mg spiro but the side effects are making me want to stop I feel soooo anxious and feel like my heart is a little bit faster and very tired etc do these go away? I want to give it at least 3 months to see if the oil reduces on my oily t zone! Anyone have any advice?????
  3. tezzabell

    Spironolactone & Isotrex Log

    Thanks for replying, Its weird because Isotrex has helped MAJORLY! It did indeed take one month to unplug everything (it was horrible didnt want to leave my house). I actually have stopped the Sprio because Isotrex was working on its own i have to use it every night though! I think my problem was just microdomes that turnt into whiteheads and sometimes things would get inflamed and be under the skin. I havent got perfect skin (have 2 tiny red bumps on the chin not noticable) but i dont get horrible big spots and whiteheads anymore. I have just started Micronor the mini pill which i know isnt great for acne prone skin and it has i think made it slightly bad not how it was though so will continue to keep that..im scared about getting the coil that will be the last step if this makes my skin worse again. Might even try Sprio with the mini pill...Thanks for your advice x
  4. tezzabell



    clears hormonal whiteheads and blackheads Skin is sooooo smooth Not drying after you get through first month it's great! Breakout like crazy within the first month Im 27 and tried everything....so I never thought a topical would work for me my the birth control pill helped a lot but I wasn't 100% clear like I am now! My acne is hormonal and around chin and jawline. Many whiteheads,blackheads and I wouldn't say cysts but ones that are under the skin bit painful and take a week to go down. I started Isotrex 0.5 on the 16th December and let me tell you I broke out very bad the first 2 weeks I didn't really suffer from really bad dryness and redness it was dry and red but not bad where I couldn't wear make up I could, but yes after 6 hours it looked a lil flakey but only close up. I would normally have a few spots right but now I have zero!!!! None!!! I have a few red marks but they will go in a few months and I have a few lil proper scars which I've heard dermaroller is good for! Point is stick with this product it gets worse before it gets better and I stayed in over Xmas and New Years :( but I'm so happy!! I even stopped taking spironolactone I was prescribed this and spiro not been taking the spiro for 2 weeks going to see how it goes I may not need it at all I really think all I need is this topical! Just make sure you use this every night once your skin gets use to it and you will be fine i missed a few nights and whiteheads crept back again so don't be lazy! I did use this every second or third night the first week but for some reason my skin could take it and I thought I'm just gonna bear it and use it every night and I do not regret it! It's get out every single thing you have underneath! Try it give it at least 12 weeks and you will be so happy!!!! You will be miserable the first month..but it does get better I will use this forever..until I want to get pregnant lol!
  5. Hi Guys, Please help! I am on 100mg of spiro only been on it for 5 weeks and Isotrex i actually think the isotrex has helped so much its literally pulled everything out i still have few whiteheads but not how i use to and skin is so smooth!! and i will keep using it forever (until i want to get pregnant) anyway i have to go on some sort of birth control now im with someone but i cant go on the combined pill because of migraines with aura and i am having a few bladder probs so i dont really want to go down the route of coil yes its awful, implant & injection im scared there make my acne flare up and take ages to get out of the body I did use to be on the mini pill cant remember if it flared me up with acne im sure if it was bad i would have remembered.. Is anyone here on Sprio and mini pill??
  6. tezzabell

    Isotrex, Spiro And Hormonal Acne

    Thanks pink bunny that's lifted my hopes a bit! Yes they normally say around the chin and jaw is hormonal and I would say women who battle with it for yrs it's definitely hormonal I asked my dermatologist and he said it was hormonal so ask your derm to confirm this if birth control helps then it will be Also I breakout in whiteheads every few days I've always got something on my chin I don't have clear days ever the bigger under the skin ones Id say cystic but there not that big but I get them every other week or so that's why I tried changing make up diet cleansers everything because I thought its something else when no it's hormones that need to be controlled
  7. tezzabell


    I think antibiotics must help hormonal acne for some it just didn't for me did your derm say what type of acne you have?
  8. tezzabell

    Isotrex, Spiro And Hormonal Acne

    I'm 26 i started getting mild acne always had a few spots when I turnt 17 such clear skin before so was on birth control pills on and off then went on dianette until April because I suffer with migraines with aura so not allowed on the combined pill dianette worked well and it's got a lot worse towards October this year so I'm positive spiro will help! Can you go on yasmin or dianette? I'm actually hopeful the retinoid gel may be great for my skin it's crappy now but I can tell it's bringing everything out!
  9. tezzabell


    I think we are defos in the same boat although I was on doxycyline for 3 months only 100mg and it done zero for me so I now just think antibiotics don't help hormonal acne but everyone's different. After reading so many posts on here you have to give spiro atleast 6 months and the same for a topical well I'm giving it 3 months if I keep breaking out bad I probably won't stop and I can't live like that lol I don't know how I'm going to get through the next few months but we have to be patient. If spiro doesn't work by say may I think I will go down accutane route definitely! Even though my case isn't severe it's persistent which is what's annoying! maybe you should see how it goes and stick with the retinoid also until spiro kicks in and then slowly stop the retinoid I keep reading so many good things about them just have to try it for yourself
  10. tezzabell

    Isotrex, Spiro And Hormonal Acne

    How are you finding spiro? I think I have to stay on the topical he seemed more pushy on the retinoid he said I should definitely be on spiro if I can't take birth control but said that alone won't clear me as I have lots of whiteheads under my skin when you like stretch the skin I think that's why I'm breaking out more the isotrex is bringing everything out! I think depending on what sort of acne you have you may need to stay on it for maintenance which I don't mind but I know its bad I love having a sunbed now and again and I know its a no no on retinoids lets just hope we get clearer quickly!
  11. Hi guys, so I've just started spiro few weeks ago was on 50mg to start with now on 100mg will give this a good few months before I start seeing any improvement. I also was given isotrex which is the topical form of accutane I've been using it for about 10days and oh yes the purging has started and it's horrible I have no irritation well I get red and dry but not enough for meto skip a day yet but I looked in the mirror yesterday and thought lets give few days break lol! My god how long do I have to go through this Initial breakout when I look at my chin upwards in the mirror I only see a few little tiny microdomes or whiteheads so I'm thinking once this breakout dies down the worst is over left with red marks a plenty! Do you think this combination will help hormonal chin jaw acne help!
  12. tezzabell

    Spironolactone & Isotrex Log

    Hi dee I have stumbled across your posts and I have just started spironolactone I was on 50mg for 2 weeks now on 100mg been on this for 1 week now. I also was prescribed isotrex 0.5 I've been using this every night for 9 days now with no bad side effects so that's why I've continued using every night instead of skipping (wanted to see if I had any bad side effects before skipping days) little background I'm 26 always battled with chin and jawline acne since 17 was in dianette till April for a year and it cleared me well! Was t perfect but I wasn't complaining. Came off as I get migraines with aura skin was ok up until July then is got worse and worse! So I paid to see a derm and this is where I'm at it's definitely hormonal as I've tried antibiotics for 3 months nothing changed and if dianette helped I hope spiro will! My question is how long will spiro take to kick in? I'm having a really bad breakout currently probably from isotrex there more smaller pimples then big cystic ones so I'm thinking it's getting all the little microdomes up from under the surface? How long should I stick with isotrex I am trying to remain positive it's just depressing right now I have another appointment 9th jan with a derm on the nhs I'm hoping they agree with what I'm using so I know I'm on the right path! I was considering accutane but for people with hormonal acne I know it will come back so is rather give spiro sometime first.
  13. tezzabell

    Spironolactone Diary (With Video)

    How's your skin now on spiro? I've just started it and I'm also on isotrex but my skins horrible at present
  14. tezzabell

    Hormonal Chin/cystic Acne

    Thanks for your replies guys! It's Xmas day and my skin is worse then ever I think definitely from the isotrex gel it's so depressing I try not to think about it but it's so hard ! Emma how long did it take for you to get clear on accutane? I really have no objections to go on it I'm just worried that when I come off it will come back bad again! Hormonal acne is such a bitch I'm trying to stay positive as it's only been nearly 2 weeks on spiro and isotrex ive got to give the gel at least 8 weeks and a good 5 months on spiro but I don't know how much more I can take of this waiting game. I was fine on dianette and it worked so quickly so that's why I'm hoping spiro will work for me fingers crossed...could you be on spiro and accutane at the same time I know crazy but i give anything a go!
  15. Hi Guys, This is my first post! I hope you can help and give me some advice! I've battled with Hormonal acne id say Mild only around my chin and jawline since i was 17 (now 26) the rest of my face is clear. I finally went to see a dermatologist Monday (i paid to see one because the NHS appointment isnt until february i couldnt wait that long) and also because over the years i have been on and off the combined pill and its controlled it. To be very honest it was not that bad until this year but it still bothered me having spots all the time (i wouldnt mind if it was a few times a month but literally every other day). Anyway then i went on dianette which helped tremendously but a. i suffer from migraines with aura so im not allowed on the combined pill and b. i was still getting a few under the skin bumps so i thought maybe its not hormonal if im still getting them then you try 100 different products and just waste your money, more water, no dairy etc nothing works! So I came off Dianette in April and in July by skin went down hill horrible inflamed under the skin spots but for months they never really come to a head smaller spots will be whiteheads but the larger ones red and sometimes inflamed but not always. At present once side of my chin isnt to bad clogged pores if you look in the mirror and up in the light you see few little dots if they willl turn into spots i dont know and the other side i have 4 under the skin spots 2 medium sized cysts. I know my skin isnt that bad and it could be worse but its so frustrating! So the dermatologist confirmed its definatley hormonal and after lots of research on Spironolactone (because i cant go on the combined pill which is so annoying) I mentioned Sprio to him he said yes he would prescribe spiro 100mg a day or even Cyclic use day 5 -15 my question is has anyone had good results with Spiro for this type of acne? He has also given he Isotrex 0.5 once daily im on the 4th day but my skin is very dry so i will be skipping a day or two for now im easing my skin in...i also use Azeliac acid in the morning i find this is good at lightening the red marks ( i have tons of these on both sides of my chin and jaw ) (wash mild cleaner etc) So i now am on 100m Sprio and Isotrex 0.5% am i on the right track? i think the only other thing left is accutance after this if it doesnt work (im trying to be positive! My GP has mentioned a few times about Accutane and i have to still go and see another derm in Jan, he said hes suprised this derm i saw the other day didnt suggest Accutane..now my acne isnt severe i would say the past few months moderate around the chin and its depressing me so i will try anything but because its hormonal will accutane help? and will it clear mild to moderate?