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  1. Where are you getting your treatment done? I had three rounds of this and saw a difference. It takes six months to see full effects.
  2. I know this may never happen... but would anyone be interested in a meet up one day in the far out future? I just thought it would be pretty awesome if one day we could all pick a city and just meet up. Like go out for a coffe or dinner. It would be really nice to meet people from the same path of life. We can empower each other, share stories maybe even complain a little lol. Who knows, we can maybe even become pretty good friends. I know it will most likely never happen. But I do want to
  3. Good grief. OP, disregard all that shit. It's fine for you to start at 1.5mm. 1mm will not reach deep enough in the dermis (esp in men) Don't go above that on your face unless you're spot treating. (in which case, you'll need a dermastamp instead) Disinfect in Chloramine-T. Washing in hot water like the above poster suggests warps the plastic of the roller, 90% rubbing alcohol is retarded too. It is a solvent, if you do that you're gonna wind up dissolving the glue of the roller and
  4. Blahblah I completely agree with you in regards to depression completely lifting temporarily due to swelling after scar treatments. Thats why I believe medications won't really fix it much. Maybe medications will calm the obsessive thoughts about scars though which could be helpful.
  5. Just got home from my girls night and I am so glad I went. No matter how difficult it can be at time's to actually get out of the house and socialize it actually helps tremendously. It was awesome to hang out with my friends, play game, drink some wine, eat good food and of course gossip lol it really beat sulking at home obsessing over my scars. My advice to anyone in the same boat as me, force yourself to socialize in comfortable places with people you love and feel comfortable with. It helps
  6. I'm sorry I am little confused. Did all this happen after taking anti-depressants? Well either way that seems like you went through a very difficult time. Suicidal thoughts are the worst. Sometimes I can't believe i've ever had them. Seems like a nightmare that scars could cause all this.
  7. Dermaroller is safe for asian skin. I have indian skin, which is prone to hyperpigmentation like asian skin, and I had no complications. Obviously you should test it out first on a patch of skin rather then just doing your whole face. Just start with a 0.50 to start with and work your way up to a 1.0 when you feel comfortable. As for the rusting of the dermaroller you should be fine as long as you take care to sanitize your roller by running it under hot water and then sanitizing with 90% a
  8. So went to the GP's today and got a prescription for Cipralex. Going to hold on to it for now and maybe fill it depending on how I feel in about month. To be honest I don't really see how depression medication can help when it's something I have to look at every day, on meds or not on meds. My mum says it'll make me stronger and make me not care as much about my scars but I just don't see how that's going to happen. The only way I see my depression getting better is if these scars get better bec
  9. Thanks so much for your informative response. I know I can always count on you Blahblah I'm going to request the voluma cause it sounds pretty good and thick. When I pull my cheek taught all my scars dissappear except for maybe 2 or 3. I'm hoping that'll mean less subcision. I always feel rude when I try to tell the dermatologist about lighting etc because I feel like he must think I'm telling him how to do his job. I hope he uses indirect lighting. I called another derm today who also doe
  10. Your supposed to roll every 4-6 weeks to allow collagen to build. Any sooner and you will be destroying any collagen that may be growing. 0.25 and 0.50 is too little if you are planning to use for scars (not hyperpigmentation). 1.0 would be ideal for scarring, any less and you will not get deep enough to injure the dermis. Good luck
  11. Thanks SNDR for answering my questions about the fillers. I do wanna say, not that my words will matter much, but you are extremely good looking! Scars or not, WOW! But like I said, I know it doesn't matter because our own thoughts and negativity will always outweigh opinions of others. My depression has gotten really bad. My mom is practically forcing me to go see a doctor to get some anti-depression medication. I don't want to yet. I told her I'll wait until my derm appointment and see wha
  12. Don't waste your time and energy on home remedies. They don't do anything for scars. They can help with hyperpigmentation but not actual dented scars. Time is precious, use it on actual treatments.
  13. @Blahblah I will ask my Dermatologist about Juvaderm Voluma. Thanks so much for the info about Radiesse. I had no idea about the bumps and lumps it can create I was just happy to hear that it lasts a bit longer. My appointment with my derm is coming up next week so I will ask him if my scars are suited for subcision and filler. Hopefully he will say yes and make my day. I'm still stuck with two more sessions of the infini treatments which I truly don't have much hope for. I just wish I hadn'
  14. Okay Radiesse is out of the picture. I was hoping for it because it's one of the longer lasting ones. I'm attaching a few pics let me know if you guys think fillers will help these scars. Were yours similar to mine? Excuse my messy hair!
  15. How long did your Radiesse last? I'd be even happy with 6 months. I don't mind getting it done like twice a year. If you don't mind me asking what type of scars did you get filled? And when you say they plumped up, were they pretty much level with the surrounding skin? Hope your laser and fat grafting went well. Sounds like you had quite the work up done!