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  1. Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin and in large quantities its toxic! please do your research before consuming too many! i dunno... but 10 pills a day seems excessive to me...
  2. Proactiv has been the only thing that works for me
  3. it should level off in a couple weeks, either completely or partially. it's still really new now and there's still going to be collagen production so don't worry just yet
  4. i noticed improvement of my scars from my first two treatments with fraxel 1. They were definately smoother!! and i'm so happy because i noticed improvement after just 2 treatments, normally people notice a difference after 3 or more treatments. my doc just got the fraxel 2 machine so i had my 3rd treatment just yesterday with it. i'm excited to start peeling and seeing the results! btw, i bought a package here in vancouver, canada- 6 treatments for $2500 (but i'm only getting my t-zone done, i
  5. it doesn't look like you have pitted scaring of any kind but it does look like you've been left with some pigmentation. ummm maybe try microdermabrasion or a lightening cream on your dark spots?? but definately consult a derm if you're planning to be doing any peels using chemicals as it might leave you with further hyperpigmentation. good luck!!
  6. are HA and aquaphor creams?? where can i get them?
  7. yesterday i went and got professional needling done but the topical A&D ointment she provided me seems to be giving me white heads . is it safe to use Green Cream? i figured since it is high potency retinol it would help me heal faster?? i'm also taking vitamin A and C supplements and drinking lots of water to help my healing time.
  8. go to the derm for a cortizone shot, it that doesn't work get it drained!
  9. yeah, definately go ask a derm, i'm sure they have some sort of procedure to soften the scars and help with the acne
  10. i've been on yasmin for a year now and: 1) no, i didn't have an initial breakout 2) i started clearing up after the first week, i'm not kidding! 3) yes, it helped with oil
  11. i think you should definately go see the doctor/derm and they'll advise you best on which to do
  12. you look fine; don't worry. just shave and smile
  13. i don't think she should've given it to you as a gift but i don't think she's purposely trying to be insensitive. like what other's have said, her heart is in the right place and she just went about it in a wrong way... in my opinion, just let the whole situation drop; i wouldn't bring it up to her either because it's over and done with
  14. i've had 4 microdermabrasion treatments and they didnt really do anything for my scars. my advice, skip it and try some peels