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  1. Well I never took anything lower than 40 so I don't have much to compare it to. My eyes have been REALLY sore and dry lately, and my distance vision is getting blurrier. Part of it may just be me getting older and maybe I'll need to wear contacts or glasses at some point down the road, but I'm really hoping it's due to the Accutane and that it'll go away once I'm finished. Oh, and sensitivity to brightness is a big deal too lately. Other than that, not much to complain about. Dryness, I guess. J
  2. Just started my 5th month. Will have to do 6 months (most people only do 5) because of the severity on my back. I had a little joint pain, especially lower back pain, the first month or two, but that has subsided. I think I've been sleeping a lot more since I went on it, but that can likely be attributed to me being a 17-year-old high school senior as well. So no, nothing that bad as far as side effects.
  3. Hi. Sounds like we're both hitting the home stretch! My face has cleared up remarkably and my back is seeing improvements as well. To combat drying I've been using a technique that may not be recommended but has worked wonders for me. After washing my face 2-3 times with Cetaphil to make sure it's good and dirt-free, I use bar soap on my hands to get them completely free of oil. Then (this is the gross part) I exfoliate by rubbing the skins away back and forth, almost as if you were rubbing dea
  4. Thanks. It's definitely a struggle and something I wouldn't wish upon anybody. Did you suffer from similar acne to your son's as a kid?Edit: I saw another one of your posts with pictures of your son's back and I can tell you mine is about 5x that bad. People throw around the term "severe" acne pretty loosely but mine is one of the worst cases my derm has ever seen on a back. I don't think your son's looks like it should scar too badly - hopefully his clears up well. Mine, on the other hand, is g
  5. I just started my 4th month of Accutane (60 mg/day) and have pretty severe back acne that has prevented me from swimming, tanning, or doing anything without a shirt on for over a year now. It's a major confidence issue for sure, and is absolutely disgusting to anyone who sees it. I'm talking ruined shirts and sheets from cysts on my back on a regular basis. Anyway, I'm looking for a glimmer of hope. My face is clearing up nicely but my back has yet to see improvement. I was hoping someone wi
  6. Crazy how fast time is going... approaching day 50 myself. Face is not anywhere near perfect, but is probably the clearest it's been in the past year or so. Back of my neck and chin are super dry and flaky, I try to moisturize really well every morning. Got a huge bottle of some new Suave ultra-dry skin moisturizer for like $2.99 and I actually really like it. Scarring-wise, I'm optimistic that things are going to continue to lighten up and heal nicely. If nothing else, I'll get that laser
  7. Derm seemed completely unconcerned with dry skin so I guess I'm good. Finished day 30 yesterday and I'm on 60 mg a day now for the next month.
  8. I got upped from 40 to 60 today at the one month mark. Hope it isn't too rough. The back of my neck and hands have been super dry lately, and I think I'm going to have to stop using soap on my neck/back in the shower and just rinse them good with water until the skin gets a little less sensitive. Still dealing with a little bit of back pain when I sit or lie in an awkward position. Had a few bloody noses recently, my first ones in years. On the bright side, the sides of my cheeks and jawline are
  9. Are you getting any dry patches of skin? Granted, I started on 40 mg/day right away. But I'm about 17 days in, and I'm getting these small patches of sort of dry/scaly skin on the back on my hands and wrists area. I'm sure it's nothing to be concerned about as dry skin like this is a normal side effect but I just wanted to mention it and see if you had anything similar. I'll probably start putting lotion on my hands every time after I wash them or shower I guess.
  10. Nice. Hope things go smoothly for you man. I think I'm on day 15 today, my acne looks reasonably similar to yours. Maybe mine is a little worse. Anyway, congrats on starting, I'm sure we're both gonna be really happy with the results in about 6 months despite any challenges still ahead.
  11. Also experiencing quite a bit of back pain here. Started noticing it about the 5th or 6th day, which also coincided with the day I had a sit-and-reach test in P.E. I had stretched a ton for that and really strained myself going for a good score (can't get a B in P.E.!) and I sort of thought that had caused the pain. I think that contributed to it, as it was SUPER bad that day. But it has kind of stuck around more than I expected since then. I notice it most when I'm going to sleep and laying fac
  12. It's pretty cool we're on the the exact same schedule. I started dec. 11th, also 17. Live in the US. Taking 40 per day. Most of my severe acne is on my back, fortunately only moderate on my face. I expect once I'm done with accutane I'll still have pretty bad scarring on my back, but my face should have minimal scarring if any. I started noticing dry lips as early as day 3, maybe that's due to my higher dose. Face is also very dry when I get out of the shower, but gets oily and greasy through
  13. +1 to the 17 year old male group that started last week... currently on day 8. Taking 40 mg a day. Skin is pretty dry around my jawline but nothing a little moisturizer can't fix. Have had a decent number of whiteheads around my mouth but nothing catastrophic. Going pretty well I guess.
  14. Hi, I just started Accutane 8 days ago and feel like I am sort of hitting my initial breakout. It's not nearly as bad as your seems to have been 8-10 days in but I'm guessing mine is just going slower and it'll probably get worse. I'm taking 40 mg a day. Hope your skin is doing well, thanks for writing this log, I love reading about others in the same situation as I am. On a side note, perhaps you've already mentioned this, but care to share what kind of soap you're using? My derm said n