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  1. What I've read on the review forums is true: once your skin begins to clear you quickly forget to come back and post. I was checking this site a couple of times of day and now I hardly think about acne at all. I wish I tried accutane sooner. If you are in any doubt, do it. I did have a bad breakout a few weeks in and some sporadic whopper pimples after that but it's been constant progress. Even when my skin was bad, I'd didn't feel as bad because I knew I was finally doing something that is
  2. Was back at the derm today to renew my prescription - still 20mg. My face is really good now but my neck is still breaking out in unsightly red lumps. It doesn't look good but I'm not so worked up about it now that I'm on accutane. In any case, the derm said I should see real results from here on in. She also told me not to use carmex on my lips because overuse can bring on an allergic reaction. She recommended La Roche Posay instead.
  3. I'm on a combined pill, Yasmin, and I take it at the same time everyday. I suppose I'll look into some other options. Obviously, it would be terrible to get pregnant but I can't help but feel the derms are being over cautious.
  4. Thanks Val. My skin has really started to feel and look smooth so I hope the progress keeps up for both of us.
  5. You can see the difference in the pictures! I still have some large red pimples on my neck and I’m sure I’ll continue to break-out but I’m really pleased with the overall improvement in the past few days. Less redness, less pimples…hope this lasts
  6. Skin peeling and redness, nasal dryness, and pimples –lots of pimples: huge ones, red ones, hard ones, oozy ones, and those teeny tiny pinchy ones. The worst is concentrated around my mouth and neck but I also have pimples on my legs, back, belly and temples. I'm worried this will go on for weeks as my skin feels really uncomfortable and looks it too. Make-up just flakes and cracks like I dribbled porridge on my chin and forgot to wash it off. There's something especially unappealing about
  7. Interesting. I get lots of ear infections too and when I do get an acne outbreak, it just spreads from pore to pore. A slightly dotty alternative therapist once told me that the best way to disinfect the skin is to bathe in a diluted solution of Milton Sterilising Fluid (it’s used to sterilise baby bottles). I haven’t tried it but I was close to giving it a go. Antibiotics were fantastic for my acne for 10 months then it came back worse than ever before and has not died down since. Prescrip
  8. You've been at the derm for 6 years? I suppose they went through a range of antibiotics. I've been going to doctors for years but they never seemed that concerned. I just turned 30 so the derm immediately suggested accutane as the acne is clearly going no where on its own. I'm getting some new pimples in odd places - temples & nose - but they are fairly small and easily covered up so I'm happy. My eyes are a little dry and my scalp is flaking like crazy.
  9. 80mg to start with? I don't think I could handle that much. I think the plan is to build up my dose slowly. How are you finding it now?
  10. Only 20mg, which sounds low in comparison to others here. What did you start on?
  11. I’ve just started Accutane (six days ago). Before I started I signed a form in which I agreed to use ‘at least one method of birth control, preferably two’. The derm and pharmacist were both keen that I use too, which seems unnecessarily cautious to me as long as I take the pill properly. I’m just wondering if most of you also use two methods. I was thinking of using spermicide in conjunction with the pill.
  12. I wrote of great progress too soon. Today, I woke up to larger pimples, some inflamed, on my chin. I was already in the middle of a bad break-out so this isn't suprising. My skin looks much better overall (apart from some flaking). SQUEAMISHNESS WARNING - The following description is a little disgusting: I’ve noticed that the consistency of pimples had changed (darker & thicker) and pimples seem to refill with loads of pus to get out. I’m taking this as a sign that the accutane is pushi
  13. RubyRoss

    Day 3

    Day 5 and I'm pretty happy. I have been getting new pimples but they are gone by the end of the day and there is no inflammation. The red inflammation was the worst part of my breakouts as it made my face look angry and swollen so if accutane can nip inflammation, I don't mind outbreaks of pimples. There is a lot of skin peeling where I had red bumps and they too have almost disappeared apart one or two larger ones. Lips and nose are noticeably dry now and I was absolutely exhauted for the f
  14. RubyRoss

    Day 3

    Thanks for the warning. I guess it's not a good idea to get my hopes up. It really can't get worse that's it been for the past six months
  15. RubyRoss

    Day 3

    It could just be my imagination but I feel like there is some improvement: the large pimples I had have started to dry up and shrink. The derm said I don’t have clogged pores so hopefully there won’t be a dramatic purge in the next two weeks. I’m beginning to notice dryness in my nose, which I expect will be my biggest problem as my skin is already super dry. It also feels itchy and is flaking where I had red bumps.