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  1. Awesomeo75

    Organic Turkey Or Chicken?

    I heard you need like 26 grams of protein a day and I don't think I'm going to eat like beans or something like that everyday you know.
  2. Awesomeo75

    Organic Turkey Or Chicken?

    Don'i I need protein in my body though, also would I be getting enough fiber from the veggies and fruits i'd probably eat the veggies raw mostly, and what about like mixed nuts unsalted raw or roasted or even pumpkin seeds, maybe something else? And the gluten free tukery I saw on the grocery store list thought i'd ask about that?
  3. Quick question about turkey and chicken where could I buy them organically or whatever? I heard their both much better for you and to me it seems like it's the only type of meat I could throw in my body besides like wild salmon and what not, I'm 16 and love eating meat but I think I'd rather go for clearskin than eating whatever I want been eating lot of veggies and fruits etc. had about mild-ish acne since about the 7th grade now am in 11th so eating right seems the way to go my scars seems lik