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  1. Joshua fucking rules you in the asshole. I think he clearly is the winner here.
  2. God may or may not exist. I don't want to wait around to find the answer. Stop going to Church and take control of your own destiny. Your scars are not going to be fixed if God decides. You need to fix them.
  3. I stopped using it since it has broken me out a few times now. Worst £6.55 I ever spent.
  4. Fuck that shit. I have mega scars that have red pigment in them that my derm says can't be fixed. I basically have scars that look like acne. That is not cool.
  5. Most of the time I wake up and don't need to go to the toilet. Maybe an hour after I wake up I usually do.
  6. It is worth finding the leaves. Don't get too expectant of massive results though. It's one part of the puzzle but not an entire solution to your acne (though Ryan seems to have very good results).
  7. I think most people generally don't get 8 hours of sleep. I haven't been getting the 8 lately mostly due to noise outside my flat from the drunken turds hanging around there at 5am shouting at eachother.
  8. Deinse2, where is magnesium citrate obtainable? Does it perform the same function as an SWF? I tried an SWF and nothing happened. I think I wasted a couple of hours of my life waiting for something to happen. I'm a skeptic and obviously when this happens it's not good for me to consider trying this sort of thing again..
  9. Definitely. Lots of people also attribute milk to the cause of acne (I don't) and if you aren't drinking coffee or tea then the milk quota has been reduced. Personally I just like something warm to drink. It doesn't matter if it's warm water, tea, coffee, warm cordial, green tea, whatever. But if there are benefits to be gained or potential problems to be avoided then i'll take the green tea or warm water.
  10. I suppose you limit the hours of sleep to relatively typical times. I go to sleep some time around 1AM and usually drink green tea in the evenings. It depends when I plan to wake up. If you account for 8 hours of sleep then it doesn't matter if you feel like drinking caffeinated drinks at irregular times.
  11. I tried it and sometimes it gives me zits. I don't really know if it works cause I haven't used it long enough.
  12. I have stopped progressing in my quest to truly improve my skin over the past few weeks. This shows as my face looks exactly the same as it did 2 months ago. I can't keep letting this happen. I want to have made significant inroads and a decent start into the problem I have with red marks and scars by Christmas time. That is under 3 months. Here is what I will do: Liver Flush. I am a skeptic here but i'm willing to try anything. My target for attempting this will be the end of this mo
  13. Thanks (-: I was on Accutane at the time I tried Dandelion tea and then I read it contained a fair amount of vitamin A so I decided it wouldn't be the best idea to drink it, besides the fact that the taste was really bad.
  14. I went into the place where I picked up my first batch of loose green tea today and they said they weren't stocking it anymore? That's pretty shitty for a hardcore China town market store. I asked at some other shops but all they had was the bag stuff. This sucked a dick. The imported bag stuff I have actually tastes quite similar to the loose leaves but i'd still rather have the leaves. So I ordered some off this site because I got desperate: http://www.kombucha.org.uk/kombucha/supplies.s
  15. I know man, that stuff tastes like a sack of dick. I'll stick with the green tea thxbye.
  16. There was once a vitamin expert who advocated taking large doses of vitamin C to truly get all the benefits from it. He was talking about taking up to 8g Vit C per day. I can't remember the guy's name but if you do a bit of searching around i'm sure it's out there. For some reason the first name 'Paul' keeps coming into my head. I have no idea if this is right..
  17. I'm pretty happy, thanks! I haven't got servere acne anymore but I have some kinda nasty scars. Nothing compared to before though
  18. The imported bags I bought taste pretty good. The leaves are a bit stronger. The old stuff I used from the supermarket before I found out it wasn't doing anything tasted like shit. I used to put honey in it, but I think this kind of defeats the object cause green tea has some kind of effect on sugar that I can't explain.. this website will explain more and show the other useful effects of Green Tea.. http://www.acne-rx-skincare.com/acne-diet-green-tea.html
  19. Hello agentx, I remember you cause we were on Accutane at the same time. Remember me much? Hahah. Hope things are going well for you. I just looked at your pics and you're llooking great man!
  20. Easier/cheaper way to use Green tea topically that I am experimenting with: WHen you have used the leaves, or bags, or whatever, to make tea with, store them in a cup next to your sink. Leave some water in the cup. When you come to wash just tip all the stuff in the cup into the sink, fill the rest of the sink with plain water, and use the water to rinse your face. It feels nice on the face. Green Tea has various sorts of antibacterial properties so maybe it can help applied topically as w