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  1. The thread was heading for the shit-pipe. It had to go.
  2. It's not about the shit you may or may not put on your face. It's about the testosterone.
  3. wreck his shit big time. Find out where he lives and if he drives a car or not. Wait around after work to see where he goes, to a car or bus or whatever. Next time your at work find out when he arrives in work and wait around away from work where no one will see you. Wait til he gets out, goes away and mash his car up big time. Then you go to work like nothing happened and wait until someone realises that his shit has been wrecked
  4. Bio Oil is fucking shit. Don't waste your time. Try drinking 2 litres of water per day (this isn't a short term solution.. it's something that will need to be done for long time, months onwards). Lasers are a good idea.. dermatologist can help here.
  5. Thanks for the response. I have realised that I can't use peels anyway because I form hypertrophic scars.
  6. Hello. I am planning to use a 30% glycolic acid. But from what I have read, it is necessary to use a neutralizer. I plan to buy from http://www.perfectskin.uk.com/Scripts/prod...sp?idproduct=93 I read that bicarbonate of soda+water can be used to neutralize.. is this true or not? I know that some sites supply skin peels with neutralizers but those are all USA and I don't want to buy from there.
  7. I think you need to calm down. Take a look at some of the kids in the acne gallery with servere cystic acne. If you feel like you do over some little scars hen how are those people meant to feel? Loads of people (including myself) would kill for your skin.
  8. Does salicyclic basically peel your skin as would a glycolic or lactic? I'm looking into something similar for my red scars.
  9. Hello. I have sensitive skin but it has hypertrophic scarring with pigmentation in it like crazy, and very deep. It hasn't healed for over a year. So I plan to remove them by a skin peel, but I don't know what type and percentage to get for sensitive skin. I want it to work but I don't want to melt my face off or anything like that. Anyone got any ideas? And if anyone has links to websites with the recommended products on then that'd be great, thanks.
  10. Tea Tree oil products come in various forms. THese include neat (100% straight oil), liquid face wash, soap bar, face mask, etc. I use a 2.5% soap bar and it has been doing well. I used to use a tea tree liquid face wash when I was much yonger but I don't remember how that was. You should be able to find Tea Tree products in health stores, natural product stores like Body Shop, etc.
  11. Rather than use the whole mask of egg, lemon, etc, is it okay to just use a plain baking soda mask?
  12. Melbourne, you don't even follow your own stupid adive. You can't praise sulfur masks and then rant about how living in a forest and eating a magical hunter-gatherer diet will fix your acne.
  13. omg not even alexalmighty can make a thread this bad.
  14. Soap and water is a good idea. Some people on this board think not washing at all is a good idea.. but I wouldn't try that
  15. Nothing to worry about. Almost every male on the campus here seems to have skin like yours.
  16. I had a crying spell when on accutane. This hasn't ever happened to me before.