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  1. Ok so I'm guessing that these are two different antibiotics?My dad who also had bad acne(no wonder I have it)Used Retin-A and said his face was peeling and flakey and its embarrassing and to think about if it worth it before asking my doctor for it.So whats the difference in the two and how bad is the peeling?Is it so bad I won't be able to go to school and still be able to talk to girls without the worrying my face is going to peel off and flake everywhere?
  2. I wouldn't do it.Toothpaste has bleach and bad shit in it and it burned my face and it was all red and pealing and it sucked.
  3. I'm going to try and get my files from my old doctors that show all the different stuff I tried and maybe see if he will consider accutane and if he doesn't I will ask him about retin-a.
  4. So I kinda feel like giving up on topicals because none of them seem to stop acne from coming back but only treat it and it keeps coming back.I've had acne for over 2 years and its not severe but its just it doesn't ever stop.I've tried.... Benzoyl Peroxide Salicylic Acid Glycolic Acid Differin Benzaclin Sulfur Azelaic Acid Clindamycin Erythromycin Doxycycline Minocycline So what is out there that I haven't named that I should give a shot.Out of the 2 dermatologist I have used they refused to
  5. Snowqueen, I think I remeber you saying Exfoliating(SA) and 10%BP are bad together is this true and why?Also can shaving too often irritate my face and cause acne such as daily?A lot of people told me I should shave every other day.
  6. Menthol is a derivative of peppermint and, like peppermint, it is categorized as a counter-irritant. In some products, like Gold-Bond's, menthol is used to create irritation in one area of the skin to relieve irritation in another. The problem is that this "purposeful" rritation still damages the skin. If the skin needs relief from irritation, the temporary use of a mild treatment, like hydrocortisone products, is preferred. In acne and oily skin care products, menthol is used to make the co
  7. Same with me but if you don't pop it is it suppose to be better or not be as red?
  8. Ever since I started getting acne I would pop a whitehead if I saw it.I just woke up today and i had a break with all whteheads in a area and im going to just put bp instead of popping.But my qustion is if a pimple is a huge white that is ready to be popped are you suppose to just leave it and just a spot treatment of BP and wait for it to disappear?I know my method is bad by popping it so does anyone have any advise on how to handle it?I also don't want to be walking around with a nasty whitehe
  9. So whats so bad about menthol? I been using Oxy chill factor 10% BP with Menthol and it feels good.Could it be making my face worse?
  10. No differin,Benzacin,Finacea Gel..nothing on there list I use
  11. I thought it was a great thing to use over night as a mask for redness and skin texture.I'm pretty sure you can buy it anywhere like a Sulfur/Resorcinol cream.
  12. Keep looking because I had a derm and all he would do was try to sell me BS products that didn't work and wouldn't make my face better so I finally found a new derm and he is awesome and understanding and try to put in alittle time for a derm so they can try a few things on there mind and then once they know that the stuff didnt work then they will give you accutane.
  13. I asked my doctor about Glycolic acid peels and he said they are $150 bucks a pop and once every month.It it really that expensive to do it?I thought it was easier and cheaper to do.
  14. its more effective then regular BP but its drys like a bitch so don't use it before you go out.