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  1. Well, I'm 18 years old, in college, and I have mild/moderate acne. I'm currently on CSR and all I can say is so far its been doing me well (been using it about a month). I just want to know, will the occasional use of weed or drinking of alcohol have any affect on my progress to clear skin? I really need some serious answers. Thanks in advance for anyone who does.
  2. For me I had redness only on the first 5 days or so of using CSR, then I guess my skin just got used to it, because now its pretty much normal, and I've also upped the dosage a lot since then, so keep going, because mine went away pretty fast.
  3. Yo same here, I couldn't keep going either when they started that.
  4. lprulz613


    Wow 80 pages! That's the longest I've ever seen anywhere BY FAR.
  5. Oh yeah one more question. Whens the best time to apply moisturizer? An hour after applying BP, inbetween applying BP? (like say I'll apply BP in the morning, then 5 hours later I'll apply moisturizer, then 5-7 hours after that I'll apply BP again at night), or when?
  6. I look like I'm sunburned almost on my face right now, but I don't mind it, I look better with a darker tone. Just have a few questions. I have used BP in the past, which did cause dryness. Recently started the CSR. Since I have used it in the past, should I start with small amounts anyway, or should I just go straight to the full amount recommended? And should I use the BP on parts of my face that aren't effected by the Acne as well? (Been doing that, but not applying nearly as much as the eff