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  1. Thanks for your replies guys, I think I will try and get it prescribed to me.
  2. Before I start I can't say that this will work for everyone, I was completely surprised with the results myself. Ive had acne for about a year and a half now and after trying all the non medicinal things i could possibly try/afford I gave up. No more feeling like in allergic to my face, WOW I CAN ACTUALLY TOUCH MY FACE I FORGOT WHAT THIS FELT LIKE, no more worrying about what i eat or touch or put near my face. And doing the unspeakable, rubbing my face, everytime i shower i rub my face with
  3. Nobody? Im pretty sure at least a few people on this board and in the UK and have aqcuired BP, please tell me how you did.
  4. I know there are other threads but they are outdated. Most products posted have been discontinued. I am really struggling to find somewhere to purchase BP online. Does anyone know where I could purchase some? Also could you reccomend other regimen products that are cheap and or effective that can be purchased in the UK Thanks