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  1. PersnickityChick

    Jess's Journey - 37 F

    It has been quite a while since I posted anything on here. So far things are going quite well. I have a few little things on my forehead, which are easily covered by bangs, but other than that, no breakouts! I have discovered that my skin is far less sensitive to the sun than I would have thought, given that I am on accutane. I am still pretty careful, but I do go out and work in the gardens, and so far I haven't gotten fried at all (that is a good thing). The scars where I had the mo
  2. Meg, your skin looks AMAZING!!! It must be a huge boost for you to look in the mirror now. I look forward to hearing how you are doing in the future.
  3. Yikes! I had no idea it had been so long since I'd read your log! How is the rotten cyst? Has it gone away? Hope you are doing better.
  4. PersnickityChick

    Jess's Journey - 37 F

    So I am currently plagued with perioral dermatitis, which apparently can be fixed with Accutane.... good thing I am already on it, I guess. It has made the left side of my mouth extremely sore, and I kind of look like I have been drooling red koolaid. I also have a section of it right in the corner of my nose, and trailing down toward my lips, on the right side. It is very flaky, and putting hydro-cortisone on it makes it much worse. Bleh. Kim, the moles have been on my face for as long
  5. PersnickityChick

    Kim's Log

    Hooray!!! I am so happy for you! I know you have to be thrilled, and I'm sure your confidence will show. Have you finished your course now?
  6. PersnickityChick

    Jess's Journey - 37 F

    I wen tto the derm today, and got a couple of surprises. First of all, this was apparently my last visit. I am going to be keeping up with a very low dose, enough to keep my clear. Second, when she walked in, she looked at my skin, and said, "I want to take those moles off." I had 3 moles on the side of my face, one right at the corner of my left eye, nd 2 on my cheek. I said, "okay", thinking that she meant sometime in the future. She went scooting out of the room, and came back with the st
  7. PersnickityChick

    Adult Acne Accutane Log

    Congratulations to you on being nearly done!!! I hope your skin does stay clear, and you are able to enjoy it.
  8. Hpoe you get to be completely clear before the end of your course. Will they extend it if you aren't?
  9. PersnickityChick

    Kim's Log

    Aww. I noticed that too. I feel like I suddenly began to age... when probably I had been all along. It was not a good feeling, at all.
  10. PersnickityChick

    Jess's Journey - 37 F

    I have an ppointment with the derm on Wednesday. I've put it off twice because of finals, so I guess I had better go to this one. My skin is doing pretty well. I am pleased with the results, so far. I do have a scar from the cyst that started the whole journey, but hopefully hat will continue to fade. I got sunburned yesterday. Not everywhere, just a stripe on each arm, with very distinct edges. Apparently I do not do very well with sunscreen. haha. It hasn't blistered so far, and I'm
  11. PersnickityChick

    Kim's Log

    Hooray! I m so glad that things are still going wel, and you are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
  12. PersnickityChick

    Jess's Journey - 37 F

    I had my wisdom teeth done when I was 15. They never actually came in because they were growing into the roots of the other teeth. I do have some very distinct memories while being under the sedation. Including being annoyed at the nurse who told me that I wasn't awake yet, and the doctor who kept telling me to move my tongue when I was pretty sure it wasn't in the way. This experience was very different, I guess because Versed was involved, and that is known to cause memory loss. Also, when
  13. PersnickityChick

    Jess's Journey - 37 F

    There's actually noting underneath. At first I thought there was a "dip" underneath, but there's nothing there, just a circle. Terribly confusing. I had my EGD yesterday, and I never want to have to use "conscious sedation" again. I have huge holes in my memory of the day yesterday, and I still feel groggy today. I will be glad when all of that is past. My skin seems to still be doing very well. My next appointment is next week, and hopefully I will know then if I should just keep going on t
  14. PersnickityChick

    Jess's Journey - 37 F

    The lips are slightly less dry, which is also a good thing. In the first couple of months I went through a tube and a half of aquaphor, 3 tubes of Blistex Medicated, as well as little bits of other things I tried. Lowering the does they don't seem to dry nearly as quickly, and they aren't as painful. The circle seems to be staying. Reading my post I wasn't terribly clear about it... just the outline of the circle is dark. It kind of looks like someone took the eraser out of the pencil, heat
  15. PersnickityChick

    Jess's Journey - 37 F

    Okay, so noting much has changed, except I've discovered a "spot" on my face. It isn't exactly a zit or a cyst, and it isn't really a scar. It is a circle, about the size of a pencil eraser, slightly darker than the surrounding skin. There was a cyst there years and years ago, but it went away, and never came back when i was about 16. I am curious about what is going to happen with that. I am having some pretty intense headaches, but Iam not going to blame that on the absorica. I think i