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  1. Anyone know a good solution for small painful pimples? I can bearly rub my face in the shower without it hurting.
  2. Im going to give vitamin b5 a try
  3. I woke up happy. Aczone works for me. All pimples shrank and no breakouts. Im so happy. Finally! The best part it says no initial breakouts.
  4. I had a rash due to AHA. I put on calamine lotion 4 times a day for a week. By the 6th day my breakouts stopped. Im not sure if the rash had cured me or the zinc in calamine lotion. I put some 3 days ago on my arm and the steroid pimples stopped. I just put some all over my back. Im hoping its the zinc and hope its not my mind playing games on me. I'll know tomorrow. Im obsessed with finding my cure. In the past I found 6 products that worked the same day. But prednisone changed all that now im
  5. Thanks im testing it twice a day today. I'l post tomarrow what happens. The retin a did absolutely nothing last night. My skin it either works the same day or never. My acne has become immune since taking prednisone. Its been a week since I finished tapering off and still getting pimples.
  6. Hey guys, I just got back from the dermatologist. I asked him for retina-A because I had success in the past with it im hoping it still works. He also gave me samples of a new cream called Aczone. He gave me a coupon so it will only cost me $50. I'll post back on how it goes.
  7. I'm testing every method that's supposly clears acne. I'm trying to find something that works for me. And i'm hoping this helps people looking to test different things. Just post a treatment i'll start. Taking Vitamin D3 5,000 UI.
  8. I'm on my 3rd day of vitamin d3 im taking 5,000 UI. I'm till getting acne am going to up the dose to 10,000 UI to see if the breakouts stop.
  9. I recently have gotten a breakout by prednisone. And I have to find new methods to cure my acne. In the past I used bp and aha but this steroid acne don't respond. I am 100% real. I will keep it 100% real. I won't sugarcoat what results I get. And I will take pics everyday and post it to prove its me. The main focus is my face because it's the only visible and important part to me. I will be doing the caveman regimen meaning I will not wash my face whatsoever. Also I will be taking vitamin D
  10. I started the caveman regimen today. I also started today taking 5,000 UI vitamin D. I will let you know how it goes.
  11. markd343


    You need to use a sunscreen. Direct sun contact for 15-30mins will burn the skin. Wear a hat if you don't want to put sunscreen.
  12. How much vitamin d3 were you taking a day?
  13. I'm going to go buy it right now. I'll start with 5,000 UI. I also know how many new pimples I get everyday so i'll post if there's an increase or decrease over the next couple weeks.
  14. I ran out of differin samples. And found out a tube is $349. I been reading on vitamin D3 and have decided to give it a shot. I will be starting with 1,000 UI. I think this may help me dramatically because to tell you the truth my whole life I've been indoors. I never hanged outside. Ill gradually up the dose depending on the results I see if any.