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    My name's Kathy. I'm 17 years old. I'm studying psychology at the moment. I'm involved with the military; the Marine Corps to be exact.
  1. I've never done any research on this, but I used to have stretch marks on my legs a few years ago and now I don't have any. They're not permanent, I know that...they do fade..maybe not all the way, but fade enough so as to not be too visible. If they were permanent, almost all of us would be streaked with stretch marks. If you want, someone suggested it already, cocoa butter helps. They have creams you can get in stores especially for stretch marks.
  2. No offense, but stop with this "you look way better than me" crap. We all look different, some people will appreciate they way we look and others won't. We just have to deal with that. ok sorry No, you don't have to be sorry..just change your attitude. You're a nice looking guy, I don't know why you're so down in the dumps about your appearance.
  3. Hollywood has really corrupted our minds...
  4. No offense, but stop with this "you look way better than me" crap. We all look different, some people will appreciate they way we look and others won't. We just have to deal with that. Don't listen to this guy, he obviously needs attention. I think you're really nice looking. PM me if you want.
  5. Hey you're a nice looking guy. I'm not really into computer dating though...I'd rather have a phone relationship rather than a computer one.
  6. You should start taking an herb that's called "St. John's Wort"...it works for depression, anxiety, and I heard also for Social Phobia. It's a type of sedative...it calms the nerves and makes you more relaxed. Either get Kira brand or Perika brand (I found Kira brand in Drug Fair)..do NOT get Sundown brand..it doesn't work for shit. Just a suggestion anyway. Just do a search for St. John's Wort for more info on it.
  7. I was referred to something called "EFT" a few weeks ago because of my depression. I learned to do it and everything but never got around to testing it out. It's supposed to be like acupuncture, but without the needles...if that makes any sense! It says you can use it on ANYTHING. When I say anything, I mean they've tried it on people with personality disorders, people with depression, anxiety, even people who were schizophrenic! They also tried it on addictions, joint pains, muscle cramps.
  8. I'm really family-oriented, so I get along with almost all of my family. All of my best friends are related to me, lol. I get along very well with my mom. I'm going through a depression right now (it sucks so bad) and I would always talk to her about how I was feeling every night when she got home. One time I was thinking about suicide because the depression was so bad, and I told her and she didn't critisize or anything. She took me to the doctor though...even though he didn't do anything.
  9. I'm really not that concerned about my acne either, only cause almost all the teens I know have acne...so it doesn't bother me that much. Just send her a picture of you up close, tomorrowneverknows. If she doesn't like the fact that you're a "normal teenage guy" than that's her loss. You sound like a nice guy, so don't worry about her not liking you because you have acne. I had a similar experience. My ex boyfriend was suffering from depression and low self esteem and sometimes he'd act
  10. Hi Baby Blue! I'm going to start using Exposed too because I also saw it works better than ProActive. But I was wondering, where can I buy it? Do I HAVE to order it online (I'd rather by it from a store nearby)? If they do have it in stores, which ones (I live in NY if that makes any difference)? Exposed seems to be a lot of money...but I hope it'll be well worth it!