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  1. Day 110-166 So I haven't updated for more than 50 days! Mainly because I haven't had anything to add from my last post. One thing I can say though, is that I have given up the hyper pigmentation treatments for my red marks, as I became anxious that they could cause new breakouts. Anyway, with about 3 weeks to go, I'm starting to worry about what'll happen after the accutane treatment stops - will the oil return? I have been 98% clear for around a month and a half now, obviously I get the odd s
  2. Michelle, they're more of a red colour... Day 96-109 So haven't updated this post for a long time, mainly due to the lack of activity on my face! Since last updating, I've got very few 'proper' spots that come to a head. Now and again, I'll get a slightly raised red bump but rarely they grow into anything bigger. So at the moment I'm starting to use Aloe Vera 99.9% lotion on my forehead, just to check out how it deals with decreasing redness of hyperpigmentation. My biggest problem at the m
  3. Day 89-95 Skin definitely feeling much better at the moment, I currently have a couple, if any, active spots and am thinking about starting to treat my hyper pigmentation. I've bought tea tree oil and Aloe Vera creams that have been recommended to me so that when I'm ready I can start the process of healing the skin. Quite happy right now about the general condition of it though!
  4. Day 83-88 Still the same story really, skin still very dry although I've noticed that my face does feel a lot smoother!
  5. I'm around 80 days into my 6 month course of Accutane, while the spots seem to be calming down, I'm worried about the dryness of the skin. I have quite a few red marks from previous breakouts that will, no doubt, fade with time when I finally stop breaking out. I've been getting severely dry skin that is peeling recently, however the last time I tried to moisturise, I broke out crazily! After using the Cetaphil moisturiser for 3 days, I'd had enough and stopped using it and like magic, spots cal
  6. Happy Birthday! What are you using to combat the dryness? Thanks! I'm a bit clueless in this area.. I haven't been using anything and leaving my face to look dry - the Cetaphil moisturiser broke me out the last time I applied it so I'm reluctant to use this... Day 80-82 Face maybe getting a bit smoother now which is great. Just had my derm appointment for the end of my third month and I'm staying on 40mg for this month then moving up to 60mg for the last two months of my course. All seems
  7. Day 72-79 I had my 18th birthday this last week, therefore I had a few drinks, which I thought was fair enough. Anyway, I think this brought along a mini breakout, which has died out around now. Otherwise, I've noticed that maybe my skin tone is getting paler (which is better than it was) and my skin is a lot drier now! Have a derm appointment in a few days, will see what happens then!
  8. Day 69-71 These last few days have been really good to me (I'd say since last Sunday - Day 67). Since I stopped using the moisturiser my face has calmed down a lot and I've barely seen any breakouts (about 1-2 minor spots per day). Having a blood test tomorrow to check how my body tackles the 40mg/day - shouldn't be a problem. Then I have an appointment in early March for my end of third month check up and the possibility of moving up a dosage maybe, who knows!?
  9. milesconn - Yeah do you reckon dabbing the moisturiser just on dry patches is better than putting it all over the face too!? Also, what a coincidence, after stopping using the cetaphil moisturiser, breakouts have decreased a bunch!
  10. Day 61-68 This past week has been quite difficult for me. So I noticed that whilst I was still seeing improvement, that my face was extremely dry, including my parents telling me about this. So I decided to use the Cetaphil moisturiser that I haven't used that much on my whole journey so far! So a couple of days on it and I was breaking out all over the place, it was going back to the days of my IB! So a couple of days ago I stopped using it, and like magic, it stopped breaking out as much! Now
  11. Day 55-60 Haven't updated in a while and I've got to say that I think I'm actually seeing improvements! That last IB has finished healing and is now just red marks, while the jawline seems to have calmed down a bit, and as of now, I have 2 or 3 active spots, the lowest amount in a long time! I'm trying not to get too happy, as I've heard that it could all go downhill again and I could have another IB, however for the moment, I'm allowed to at least be a bit more confident! Roll on the next 4 m
  12. Yeah I'm sure that after 3 months at 20mg your dosage will be upped! I haven't felt too many side effects apart from mildly dry skin and lips, on 20mg and the same now that I'm on 40mg!
  13. milesconn - Yeah I'm sure you've wondered whether your dosage is too low at only 20mg!? When's your next dermatologist appointment?
  14. Day 52-54 Healing from that bad breakout still, went to the dermatologist this morning and my dose has been raised to 40mg/day. Both the derm and my parents keep telling me it's getting better, whether they're just saying that to keep me upbeat... I don't know. Onwards and upwards, maybe it is looking a bit better after that terrible day last week!?
  15. Day 47-51 Had my worst breakout ever over these last few days, my face has never looked as bad! Spots popping up all over the place and I'm losing confidence all the time. Derm appointment in 3 days and I have no idea what'll happen. Confused as to why I'm breaking out so bad considering I've been on 20mg/day for nearly 2 months! Will the derm raise my dose or keep it the same!? I will be finishing this course before my exams in June and want to reach the correct cumulative dosage by then, so I