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  1. First of all I am really happy you send the products to Europe, so the shipping is really good. But the first time I ordered I didnt know I had to pay at the door also 50$, so that was a shock. So maybe you can make the costumer aware of this. Second, i dont know if it is an option, but sending the products with the latest expire date to the costumers outside the USA. Because orders in the USA will get free shipping above 40$ but most of us allready pay 40$ just for the shipping. So then we
  2. I think you can exfoliate the best with salycilic acid!
  3. Could it be acne rosacea? http://www.medicinenet.com/rosacea/article.htm
  4. I start to have acne in october, for the first time in my life (at 23), maybe because of the stress, I dont know. Ive read so much about acne and stuff and now it is under control!!! Only hyperpigmentaton. When I see someone with acne, I feel sorry, but only because I know how hard it is to be confident while you have acne (at least, this was the case for me!!! I cried all the time and my face was so inflamed and hurt really bad)!! I got lucky I think I only had acne for 5months (still afraid t
  5. Hi I dont know where you live, but I've been using Paula's Choice products next to my benzoylperoxide, and her products are great!! My skin was also so so so dry and it looked awfull!! and now -i ve been using the regimen for 3 months- in conjunction with her products (moisturizer for very dry skin) my skin isn't that dry anymore and I can wear foundation again! All her products are based on research and really helped my skin! Keep your head up!
  6. I get that you don't like the red marks. But what if you start breaking out again? Even if it is 1 or 2 a week? They will leave red marks as well
  7. Hi, I've read on the internet that soj can also trigger acne. I know there are a lot of contradicting studies but maybe you can give it a try? Hi, I've read on the internet that soj can also trigger acne. I know there are a lot of contradicting studies but maybe you can give it a try?
  8. If it is hyperpigmentation it will go away in a couple of months, and during that time you can use AHApeelings to speed things up a little.
  9. Also in Holland we dont have 2.5% benzoylperoxide. My dermatologist says that I can mix it with a facecream -then you;re making your own 2.5% -. My eyes are also sensitive but that has gone away after a couple of weeks! Goodluck!
  10. Hi, I've been on the regimen for allmost 9 weeks now, my skin is allmost clear but because I still have red marks ect. I really want to wear foundation, but when I put my foundation on, you really can see the dry skin!! My skin isn't as dry as in the first weeks, but because I've got acne on my cheeks -AND THEY"VE NEVER BEEN OILY BUT DRY- this area is even dryer!! So please, any advise? Sorry if my English is bad, I am from Romania so I don't write in English that often! Thank y